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Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List - 2021 Edition

Brickell 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


Gift giving can be tough. How do you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list? You want the one that sends the right message, elicits the ideal response, and fills the recipients heart with pure joy.

That’s a big ask.

Instead of going for that perfect, knock their socks off, life changing gift, why not just get them something nice that they’ll like? Lowering expectations just a touch can make the entire process of holiday shopping much, much easier. 

So here are several easy gift ideas in no particular order. They’re the gifts that we’d like to give or receive - and we’re pretty sure there’s something here for everyone (or pretty darn close) on your shopping list.


3 Picks for 3 Kinds of Coffee Lovers 

There are some coffee obsessed people who you CANNOT buy gifts for. They know exactly what they love, they research it extensively, and they do not want your gift. They want whatever they got for themselves. Leave those people alone.

But for the medium-intensity coffee lovers on your shopping list, one of these 3 gifts will probably work: 


Aeropress Coffee Maker

Best for: Someone who appreciates a great cup of coffee but doesn’t want to deal with the fuss of an espresso machine.


Kalita Wave Dripper

Who will love it: The person who wants a basic coffee experience but is still a little snobby and appreciates impressive design and the finer things in life.


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Why it’s gift worthy: This is not just another coffee thermos. This Japanese mug is nearly indestructible, does not leak, and keeps coffee hot for an unreasonably long time.


Elevate Their Beer/Wine Experience  

If you’ve got a craft beer aficionado or a wine connoisseur on your holiday gift list, you might not want to risk buying them an actual bottle of anything. They probably know what they like - and you might not. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance their experience with a next level set of glasses…


Schott Zwiesel Stemless Wine Glasses

The pitch: These stemless glasses are elegant, simple, made from break resistant glass, and easily double as cocktail tumblers. 


Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Who it’s for: The craft beer lover who wants a perfect tasting experience will love these glasses. The glasses are designed to work best with specifics types of beer - IPA’s, stouts, and wheat beers.


2 Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts

The person on your list who loves the gym - at home or in person - is sure to appreciate either of these gifts. They’re simple, but perfect for all kinds of fitness lovers.


BlenderBottle Drink Shaker

Why it’s gift worthy: Your recipient will be the envy of everyone at the gym with this shaker. It mixes well, is easy to clean, looks great, and won’t leak. 


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Who will love it: Any fitness junky on your list - from marathoners to gym rats and everything in between - will appreciate this self massage and recovery tool.


And 2 More Random Gift Ideas 

Instead of making up another category, here are two more ideas that might work for someone you’re shopping for:


Philips Norelco Multrigroom 7000 Kit

Why we’d give it: The grooming pro who loves to take care of themself is going to love this. It comes with all the attachments for nose hairs, ear hairs, beard trimming, body grooming, and even cutting hair. 


Arawak Brave Chef Apron

What makes it a great gift: This next level apron looks good, empowers the chef, and has room for everything. It’s like a super hero costume but for grilling/cooking/doing just about anything.

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