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Men’s Skin Types: Dry Skin

Men’s Skin Types: Dry Skin

Dry. Flakey. Itchy. These are not words most guys would like to associate with their skin. But if you’ve got dry skin, it’s hard to avoid these common issues.

Dry skin is a skin type, so this isn’t about dealing with a temporary issue like dehydrated skin. If you have dry skin, you have to contend with tight, flakey skin regardless of the weather or other factors beyond your control.

What can you do to treat your dry skin and prevent common irritation? And how can you choose the right products for your needs?

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of posts breaking down men’s skin types. So far, we’ve covered sensitive skin and oily skin. Still to come are combination skin, aged skin, and normal skin.

Skincare Starts in the Shower

You’ve got to take a holistic approach to treating your dry skin. It all starts in the shower. Guys with dry skin need to avoid dehydration at all costs. Unfortunately, many men make all kinds of hydration mistakes during their daily shower. Here’s how you can avoid them:

Use Lukewarm Water - Dry skin lacks moisture. It’s easily irritated. And exposing your skin to hot water for an extended period works directly against your skincare efforts. To protect your skin’s outer protective later from being washed away, use lukewarm water. This will also help your skin better hold onto its moisture.

Skip the Heavy Lathering Soap - The common detergents in most soaps are terrible for dry skin. All the lather they create is made from harsh chemicals. Sure, they get rid of dirt and oil. But it’s a slash and burn approach that leaves your skin dehydrated and stripped of all it’s natural moisture. Go with a gentle body wash for men or all in one wash for men instead. 

all in one wash for men

For your face, take an even gentler approach. A natural face wash for men with charcoal is ideal - it won’t dry out your skin and doesn’t lather.

Pat Your Skin Dry - Rubbing your skin aggressively with a towel immediately after a shower is no good for dry skin. Be gentle! Pat your skin dry gently with a clean towel to prevent that tight, flakey feeling after your shower.

Use Lightweight, Fast-Absorbing Moisturizers

If you have dry skin, you need to promote hydration as much as possible. Otherwise, you’ll get dead skin collecting and flaking off. Bad look. And it feels even worse.

Start by using a face moisturizer for men immediately after washing and drying your face. That will prevent your skin from losing even more moisture than it already has. This is especially important during the winter months or if you live in an area with dry conditions.

Of course, dry skin is a problem that affects more than just your face. So prevent dry, itchy skin all over your body with the best natural skincare products for men.

Hands - Moisturize your hands with the best hand cream for men. Again, reach for something lightweight that won’t leave your hands feeling oily and gross all day. You want hydration, not an oil slick.

best hand cream for men

Body Lotion - Once you step out of the shower, your skin is at risk for losing tons of moisture. Lock in hydration and prevent irritated skin by using a natural body lotion for men. Apply it after your shower and whenever your skin starts to feel dry and tight throughout the day.

best body lotion for men

Lip Balm - Your lips are made from some of the most sensitive skin on your entire body. And they’re often exposed to sun, wind, dry air, and other things that will dry them out. Add to that the fact that you have dry skin to begin with, and you can see the importance of using a natural lip balm for men each day. Choose a formula with natural ingredients and SPF.

best lip balm for men

It All Comes Down to Hydration

When you’re dealing with dry skin, remember that your entire approach should come down to maximizing skin hydration. That means staying away from hot water, harsh soaps, and dry air. And preventing flakes, tightness, and dehydration with the best skincare products for men with dry skin.

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