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Men’s Skin Types: Sensitive Skin


best skincare products for men with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be hard to deal with. It’s easily irritated. It turns red, gets itchy, and burns. The worst part? It doesn’t do all this because you’ve mistreated it somehow. It’s finicky and reacts poorly to just about anything - including sunlight, water, and most skincare products.

What is behind these sensitive skin frustrations? How can you use the best skincare products for men with sensitive skin to prevent irritation? And what’s the key to improving your complexion - even when you have sensitive skin?

Editor’s Note: This is the first of several posts breaking down men’s skin types. We’re starting with sensitive skin, them moving on to oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, aged skin, and normal skin.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a genetic issue. If you’ve got this skin type, your skin gets irritated easily. Depending on your particular sensitivities, you might experience irritation from the weather, household products, stress, diet, or temperature changes.

Unfortunately, your face is the place you are most likely to exhibit signs of sensitive skin. That’s not to say that you don’t experience irritation all over your body. But your face gets the most exposure to the elements, the sun, and your razor. So it’s the place you’re most likely to experience the unpleasant redness and irritation that are all too common with sensitive skin.

Skin damage and sensitivity also lead to early wrinkles and fine lines. So if you want to avoid the common signs of aging, you need to develop a smart approach to skincare for men with sensitive skin.

How to Treat Sensitive Skin

You need to pamper your sensitive skin. That means treating it with gentle skincare products for men and avoiding irritation at all costs. This skincare routine for sensitive skin can help you maintain a healthy, clear complexion:

Use Gentle Face Wash

Each morning and evening, wash your face with a gentle face wash for men. A product with activated charcoal, olive oil, jojoba, aloe, and other natural products is best. These ingredients remove dirt and bacteria from your pores without stripping away natural oils or drying out your skin. That’s important for guys with sensitive skin.

best skincare products for men with sensitive skin

For the best results, use warm - not hot - water to wash your face. And when you dry it off, lightly pat your face with your towel. The gentler you are with your skin, the less likely it is to get irritated.

Protect and Restore with Serum

After you’ve washed your face, use a face serum for men to protect and restore your skin. Again, choose a product that is fragrance free and is made with natural and organic ingredients. Gentle natural ingredients - like aloe, vitamin C, and protein peptides - protect your skin from irritation by removing free radicals and stimulating collagen production.

best skincare products for men with sensitive skin

Moisturize Immediately

As soon as your skin is dry, apply a face moisturizer for men or an anti aging cream for men. Again, you will get the best results from gentle, natural products.

face moisturizer for men

Shave Smarter

Guys with sensitive skin often dread shaving. It’s not easy on your skin and can leave all kinds of redness, bumps, burning, and itchiness. To prevent this as much as possible, wash your face with warm water before shaving. Then apply a natural shave cream for men and let it soak into your skin for about 1 minute before you start to shave.

A non-foaming shave cream is best. Choose a lotion-like cream with lots of hydrating ingredients. That way your razor will be less likely to cause irritation. Rinse off your razor after each stroke and change your blade often.

Use an alcohol-free aftershave when you’re done. Alcohol is bad news for sensitive skin since it dries out the skin, damages its outermost protective layer, and is a major cause of irritation. A soothing, moisture-rich aftershave is best.

shave routine for men

Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can present a daily battle. But you don’t have to lose. And you can enjoy great skin if you take a smart approach to this skin type. Always use the best skincare products for men with sensitive skin and avoid harsh chemical-laden products. With patience and care, you can prevent irritation and look your best.

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