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Shave Oil vs. Shave Cream - What’s the Difference?


Shave Oil vs. Shave Cream - What’s the Difference?

Every guy dreams of a truly effective, smooth, irritation-free shave. No more irritation. No razor burn or ingrown hairs. But it seems such a difficult thing to actually achieve. What gives?

In your quest for the perfect shave, you’ve likely come across a wide range of pre-shave and shave products. Amongst them are shave oils and shave creams. But what’s the difference between them? And how can you choose the best shave products for men?

What Is Shave Oil?

best shave oil for men

Shave oil for men is a pre-shave lubricator for your skin. It’s designed to protect you from irritation, cuts, and nicks when you shave. For the best results, choose a natural shave oil for men made with plant-based oils - like argan and jojoba oils. These are less likely to leave your skin feeling greasy or to clog your pores with residue.

What Is Shave Cream?

best shave cream for men

The best shave cream for men is designed to hydrate your skin, soften your facial hairs, and lubricate your face for a smooth shave. It creates a slick surface on your skin that prevents dragging and tugging when you make a pass with your razor.

For the best results, go with a shave cream for men that is thick and lotion-like. This is better than foaming, lathering products. Foam shave products provide a minimal layer of protection for your skin. A non-lathering cream that goes on thick will better defend your skin from irritation. Plus, you’ll get additional hydration benefits.

When choosing a shave cream, look for natural ingredients - such as glycerin, jojoba, and aloe vera. These gentle, moisturizing ingredients nourish you skin while also softening your facial hair and lubricating the entire shave area. They’re much more effective than harsh chemical ingredients. And be careful to never use a shave product with alcohol - it will dry out your skin and make irritation even worse.

Can I Use Both?

Many guys use both shave oil and shave cream to get a better daily shave. This is a great idea if you’ve struggled with shave irritation for a long time and can’t seem to find a solution.

Each product works differently, so combining them offers maximum protection for your skin. You’ll be much less likely to experience redness, itchiness, and ingrown hairs if you use this one-two punch.

Start with Shave Oil

Use your pre-shave oil for men to prepare your skin before you actually start using your razor. Let its natural oils sit on your skin for about a minute before applying your shave cream. This will lock in your skin’s hydration, soften your whiskers, and create a slick surface for your razor to glide over.

Then Add Shave Cream

Over your shave oil, add a layer of the best shave cream for men. Let that soak in for about a minute before you start shaving. Then shave with the grain of hair growth, regularly rinsing your blade. That will reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Finishing Touches

Wrap up a great shave with an alcohol-free aftershave for men. After you’ve already used a pre-shave oil and non-lathering shave cream, your natural aftershave will be the perfect finishing touch. Do not use aftershave with alcohol - that nasty ingredient will dry out your skin, leading to far worse irritation, redness, and discomfort.

The perfect shave seems like an elusive dream to most guys. But you can make it into your reality. Stay knowledgable about the best shave products for men - including shave oil and shave cream. Use that knowledge to craft a solid shave routine that keeps you looking smooth, clean, and irritation-free everyday.

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