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Top 5 Benefits of Pre Shave Oil for Men

Top 5 Benefits of Pre Shave Oil for Men

What’s your shaving routine like? Maybe you just pat some foam on your face and go to town with a disposable razor. Perhaps you prefer an electric razor. Hopefully you go with the recommended method from The Grooming Manual - a safety razor and non-lathering shave cream for men.

Regardless, are you totally satisfied with your shave routine? If you’re like most guys, it could use some improvement.

One of the best ways to upgrade your shave routine is to start using a pre shave oil for men. This is a natural product you apply to your skin before shaving - even before you apply shave cream.

Wondering why you should use pre shave oil? Consider these top 5 benefits of pre shave oil for men.

best natural shave products for men 

1 - Reduces Risk of Ingrown Hairs

Bumpy, itchy, infected, and painful. Ingrown hairs are all bad. And far too many guys have to struggle with the discomfort of ingrown hairs - at least in part because of their bad shave routines. They assume that ingrown hairs are just part of life - but this issue is largely preventable if you use the right approach.

Use a pre shave oil for men to reduce the risk of developing ingrown hairs. This natural shave product softens your whiskers, allowing for a smooth shave that won’t cut hairs too close to the skin or at the sharp angles that make for ingrown hairs.

2 - Eliminates Razor Burn, Redness, and Itch

Ever shave - thinking it went fine - only to later experience a burning sensation all over your face and neck? Yeah, it’s the worst. Razor burn, redness, and itch are all common side effects of a lackluster shave routine.

Start using the the best pre shave oil for men to prevent all that nonsense. Its natural oils - like jojoba and argan - form a protective layer over your skin. This locks in moisture (more on that later) and prevents the irritation that causes razor burn.

best pre shave oil for men

3 - Prevents Nicks and Cuts

Cutting yourself shaving sucks. Sure, your hand might slip from time to time - mistakes happen. But if nicks and cuts are a regular part of your shave routine, you’re doing something wrong. Majorly wrong.

Prevent nicks and cuts with a pre shave oil for men. By hydrating your skin, softening your hairs, and creating a slick surface over your skin, it makes shaving easier. Go smooth and soft with your razor to finally stop causing those preventable cuts.

4 - Hydrates Skin

Skin hydration is #1 in so many ways - it makes shaving smoother and easier, it prevents wrinkles and fine lines, etc, etc… Anything you can do to keep your skin hydrated is well worth it. And that applies to using a pre shave oil too.

The natural oils in this product coat your skin, locking in moisture. The end result is a smooth shave with zero irritation that also leaves your skin hydrated.

Remember, never use shaving products that contain alcohol. There couldn’t be a worse substance to rub on your face before, during, or after a shave. It saps the moisture from your skin at the time you need it most - post-shave.

5 - Offers a Natural Shaving Solution

Sick of lathering up with harsh detergents and chemical-laden products? You should be. So many of the chemicals in common skincare products are dehydrating, speed up the aging process, and are even potentially hazardous to your health.

When you use a natural pre shave oil for men, you’re choosing to care for your skin now and over the long term. A natural product will ensure a great shave today and keep your skin looking good for years to come.

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