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4 Reasons You Have Greasy Hair (And Haircare Tips for Men with Greasy Hair)

4 Reasons You Have Greasy Hair (And Haircare Tips for Men with Greasy Hair)

The 50’s are long gone. You aren’t John Travolta. Greasy hair is not a good thing.

But it can be much easier said than done to get rid of greasy, oily hair. Some guys are genetically predisposed to oily skin and hair. And it could be that your grooming routine - or haircare products - are partially to blame.

So before you give up and just settle for wearing a hat 24/7 to cover up your greasy hair, learn the common causes and apply these 4 haircare tips for guys with greasy hair

1 - Overactive Oil Glands

Sorry guys, this is one is all genetic. If you have oily skin, it’s quite likely you’ll have naturally greasy hair too. That’s because the same sebaceous glands that coat your face in sebum (your body’s natural oil) are covering your scalp too.

This isn’t 100% a bad thing. Your hair should be naturally a bit oily. Without it, your hair strands would grow brittle, frail, and damaged. But overactive oil glands lead to that shiny, no-good greasy look you don’t want either.

If you’ve got oily skin and hair, you need to use the best haircare products for men. Choose a natural shampoo for men that uses gentle cleansers. Harsh chemical shampoos with strong detergents will strip your scalp and hair of oil. That can put your already overactive oil glands into major overdrive, creating an even bigger problem

best shampoo for men

2 - Thin Hair

Thin hair tends to be more oily than thick hair. That’s because there’s simply less hair for the oil to cover. Thin hair has its advantages for sure - but this is one of its disadvantages.

Again, make sure you’re using the best natural shampoo for men. A thickening shampoo is great for thin hair. Look for a natural shampoo that contains hydrolyzed wheat protein. This plumps your hair follicles and gives your hair a thicker, healthier appearance that also combats the unfortunate greasy look.

3 - Stress

Your oil producing glands are sensitive to stress levels. So when you’re burning the midnight oil to reach a major project deadline at work, chances are your hair is only going to get greasier.

If you’re stressed out, your hair and skin are going to suffer. The good news is that reducing stress doesn’t require you to disappear from your hectic life. Instead, include calming practices into your lifestyle that help reduce your stress and calm your nerves. Meditation, stretching, breathing exercises, and even just getting outside for some fresh air can all help reduce stress. You’ll feel better - and your hair will look better too.

4 - You Wash Your Hair Too Often

This is downright frustrating. You wash your hair to get rid of excess oil. But it could be that all that hair washing is just making matters worse. Why?

Your hair needs to be slightly oily. But if your heavy-detergent shampoo strips away all that oil and moisture, your glands go into overdrive to replace it. So your hair gets greasy again. So you wash it again. And it becomes a vicious cycle.

Besides switching to a natural shampoo for men, consider washing your hair less often as well. Switching from daily shampooing to every other day could be all it takes to cut down on your greasy look.

Use Natural Hair Care Products

It may take some experimentation to find the best way to get rid of your greasy hair. No matter which approach works for you, make sure you’re using the best natural haircare products for men. That will help keep your hair healthy, naturally shiny, and properly moisturized.

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