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Acne Control Quick Tips for Teenage Guys

Acne control products for men

If there is one thing that acne loves, it’s a teenage face. In fact, acne breakouts plague a whopping 95% of teenagers as they go through puberty. Importantly, though, adolescent acne is different from adult acne. 

If you want to get rid of it effectively, you first have to understand the primary causes. Here’s what you need to know and how to get rid of it. 


Causes of Teenage Acne 


The main cause of teenage acne is an increase in hormones called androgens. The surplus of these hormones causes oil glands to enlarge, become overactive, and produce too much sebum. 

This excess oil blocks follicles and traps debris, dead skin cells, and bacteria in the pores. 


The Wrong Products 

Another primary cause? Using the wrong products and fragrances. Teenagers usually use drugstore fragrances and skincare products, and these can be packed with pore-clogging and skin irritating ingredients and chemicals. 

All of these can irritate the skin, strip it of its natural barrier, and further clog pores or worsen acne. 



On a sports team or spending a lot of time outside? Any heavy sweating from exercise or hot, humid climates makes acne worse. 



Finally, stress triggers increased oil production. Any stress from a big event - like a date, a big test, or the first day of school - can make acne worse. 


Types of Acne 

While acne can appear anywhere on the body, you’ll notice it more frequently in the areas that have the most oil glands - like the face, neck, back shoulders, and upper arms. 

The most common forms of acne include: 

  • Clogged pores - blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads 
  • Papules - raised lesions on the skin 
  • Pustules - larger, raised legions with pus 
  • Cysts - large nodules filled with pus and fluid


Quick Tips For Treating Teenage Acne 

Tip 1: Use Skincare Ingredients That Work 

While major forms of acne - like advanced or cystic acne - may require prescription treatment, mild cases can be effectively addressed with the right skincare products and ingredients. 

It’s all about ingredients that will moisturize and clarify the skin without over-drying it or causing further problems. They include: 

  • Salicylic acid: It penetrates deep into the skin to eliminate debris, unclog pores, and clear acne. Salicylic acid dissolves the intercellular glue that leads to acne buildup.
  • Willow bark extract: Working as both an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient, willow bark extract effectively soothes teenage acne and calms conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.
  • Vitamin E: This essential nutrient heals the skin by combating free radicals, assisting in cellular restoration, and clearing scars and burns. Vitamin E is also a powerful moisturizer that enhances the skin barrier function.
  • Tea tree oil: A natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps reduce irritation caused by acne - resulting in fewer breakouts. 

Find all of these ingredients in our Acne Controlling Face Moisturizer. Looking for a more comprehensive routine? You can find an effective face wash, moisturizer, scar cream, and spot treatment in our men's acne controlling routine.


Tip 2: Don’t Be Scared to Visit the Dermatologist 

Since teenage acne often has to do with hormones - and it can sometimes get out of control and develop into full-blown cystic acne - you may need prescription help, or at the very least a visit to the dermatologist. 

Don’t be hesitant to make this trip! Your doctor may easily be able to solve an issue that you’ve found yourself struggling with. Or they can help you better understand what ingredients you should consistently incorporate into your regimen. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to get a professional opinion. 


Tip 3: Wash And Moisturize Every Day 

When it comes to effective skincare and keeping acne under control, consistency is key. It’s too easy to skip a shower after a workout, let dirt and sweat from the day sit on your face after a long day, or skip the bedtime face wash - but these oversights can have a major impact on your skin. 

Remember, acne often appears because pores get clogged under layers of sebum (oil), dead skin, and debris. So if you skip the face wash and moisturizer, you’ll be sure to see your problems getting worse.

At the very least, you should cleanse your face with a gentle, purifying charcoal face wash and follow up with a simple, skin-nurturing moisturizer that will hydrate your skin without clogging pores. Just those two steps can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your skin clear. 


Tip 4: Exfoliate 

Once a week, exfoliate your skin for even better acne-busting results. The right face scrub will use natural particles to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and restore a clear complexion. Look for the best natural face scrub for men that’s not too harsh, like this one that has ingredients like: 

  • Jojoba beads and pumice to effectively remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities from the skin 
  • Aloe vera, avocado butter, and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize the skin so it doesn’t get overly dry  
  • Coffee extract and green tea to fight environmental damage and energize the skin


Tip 5: Consider A Spot Treatment 

Do you have one stubborn pimple or blackhead that just won’t go away? Consider a spot treatment with acne-fighting ingredients to quickly treat the blemish. 

An acne spot treatment for men with the right ingredients - salicylic acid, witch hazel, and willow bark extract - can be applied before bed or whenever you notice the offending spot to start seeing results. 

Ready to get started? You can find all the products you might need for effective teenage acne control in our Acne Controlling System For Men. So long, teenage acne!

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