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Are Expensive Hair Cuts Worth It?

Are Expensive Hair Cuts Worth It?

How much do you spend on a haircut? How much would a good haircut be worth to you?

Maybe the better question is: how much are you willing to pay to make sure you don’t get a bad haircut?

While the average cost of a men’s haircut in the United States is between $20-$30, there are plenty of salons and barbershops where men routinely pay over $100.

What’s the difference? Is it really worth spending 4-5 times as much money on your haircut? Overall, what’s the best investment you can make in your hair?

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Experience Matters

In many cases, the high cost of a premium barbershop or salon is related to their stylists’ experience and skill level.

The people who are charging over $100 for a men’s haircut are not new to this business. They’ve acquired a ton of experience. They know a lot about hair and may find ways to cut and style your hair that a less experienced barber wouldn’t come up with.

Still, you can find a great barber who is charging less than $100 per haircut. The most important thing is to trust and communicate well with your hair stylist. That way you can be sure they understand exactly what look you are going for.

What if you’re new to the area or want to try a new barber? Search for barbershops and salons in your area on social review apps. Compare reviews and comments to find a place that fits what you’re looking for. And when you get there, take some time to talk to the barber before you actually sit down and have them chop away.

Atmosphere Isn’t Cheap

Apart from the experience and trust you’re buying with a premium haircut cost, you’re also paying for a higher level atmosphere. When you walk in to a premium salon, you can expect little touches that give everything a luxurious feel, like:

  • Plush robe to wear in the salon
  • Branded bottle of water to sip on while you wait
  • Luxurious and comfortable seating
  • High level attention to detail
  • Impeccable service from experienced staff

Your typical local barbershop isn’t worried too much about atmosphere and experience. Things are kept simple - guys are just coming in for haircuts. But a luxury salon is all about making you feel comfortable and wrapped in luxury.

If you have a busy, stressful lifestyle, an hour or so of relaxation in a premium barbershop might be worth the extra money.

Haircuts Are Haircuts

Remember, you’re paying for experience and ambience, not necessarily a better haircut. You can get the same quality look from a $20 haircut or a $100 premium barbershop experience.

Don’t assume that just because you spent more on the haircut, you will like it more. Developing a good relationship and having easy communication with your barber are more important that how much you pay them.

Invest in Your Hair

If you want to keep your hair looking its best, there’s a smarter investment than $100 haircuts. Switch from harsh shampoos to the best natural shampoo for men. Most shampoos are made with detergents that dehydrate your hair and scalp in the process of removing dirt and oil. So your hair gets clean, sure. But it also is left lacking essential moisture.

best natural shampoo for men

Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo for men for a gentler, better experience. And don’t forget to use the best natural hair conditioner for men too. Shampoo washes away dirt and oil, but conditioner rehydrates and soothes your scalp. That prevents flakes, reduces itch, and encourages healthy hair growth.

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