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Common Myths About Hair Loss, Debunked

Common Myths About Hair Loss, Debunked

Few topics strike fear in the hearts of men like hair loss. Ugh. Terrifying.

The reason it’s so scary is that most men will have to confront it. And some guys sooner than later. More than half of all guys will notice thinning hair - if not downright hair loss - by the time they’re 30. But some men are already starting to see a receding hair line in their early 20’s.

Sadly, fear tends to give way to many myths. That leads guys to make iffy decisions about their hair care. And in some cases, it could mean you’re working with bad information and accelerating your hair loss.

Get the facts, not the fear-mongering myths. Here are a few common myths about hair loss, debunked - and in some cases, confirmed.

Myth: Your hair care routine doesn’t matter.

Fact. Yes, it most definitely does.

The way you treat your hair today will have an affect on how it looks and acts tomorrow. That’s why you should be using the best natural hair care products for men. Anything less and you’re just looking for trouble.

The best natural shampoo for men should contain natural cleansers, not harsh chemical detergents. Those strip away the natural oils your hair needs to stay strong and healthy. If you’re already noticing that you hair is getting thinner, use a strengthening shampoo that contains hydrolyzed wheat protein. This natural ingredient plumps hair strands to help them appear fuller.

best natural shampoo for men

Myth: You should shampoo every day, no matter what.

Fact: Daily shampooing can accelerate hair loss.

If you’re already starting to lose your hair, it may be wise to stop shampooing daily. As you massage your shampoo into your hair, you weaken the strands and can cause accelerated hair loss. The same goes for aggressive towel drying. All that jostling only weakens your hair.

Instead, switch to shampooing just a few times a week. Your hair will still stay clean and healthy - don’t worry.

Myth: Stress causes hair loss.

Fact: It does, but for most guys genetics is the real problem.

Stressful life experiences can definitely cause hair loss. But in most cases it’s not permanent. And your stress levels would have to be quite extreme to cause major hair loss.

For most guys, the problem is genetic and thus totally unavoidable. So while you should certainly lower your stress levels just to enjoy life better and lower your risk of other health problems, it’s not likely to have any affect on your long term hair loss.

Myth: Wearing hats causes hair loss.

Fact: Nope. Chill out and wear your hat.

Traction alopecia - permanent hair loss caused by a pulling force on the hair - is a thing. But for a hat to cause this kind of hair loss it would have to be tight. Like, nasty, uncomfortable, unreasonable, unbearably tight. So keep wearing that baseball cap, no worries.

Myth: There’s no way to prevent or reverse hair loss.

Fact: Some hair loss treatments are gimmicks, but others are the real deal.

It is true that some natural supplements have been shown to reduce the chemical responsible for male pattern baldness, DHT. But there’s still no conclusive evidence that they actually prevent hair loss.

On the other hand, Propecia and Roagine both work for many men. The active ingredient in Propecia - finasteride - is FDA-approved and blocks an enzyme that would normally convert testosterone into DHT and cause hair loss. It does have side effects, though, and can cause sexual problems for some men. Rogaine - or minoxidil - is effective in about 30%-50% of men and has far fewer side effects.

Take Care of the Hair You Still Have

Whether you’re nearly bald bald or just fearing the day you start to notice hair loss, take care of the hair you still have. Use the best natural hair care products for men and stick to a smart grooming routine.

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