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Does Your Post Workout Routine Really Matter?

Man lifting weights

You just finished with a solid session of lifting at the gym. You felt great. You finished strong. It was a good day.

Does it really matter what you do next?

A lot of guys are focused on their workouts and training routines. They carefully plan out which muscle groups to work each day. They stick to a routine, come what may. But they don’t always worry about their post-workout routine.

And - reality check - that’s a major problem.

Part of it is mental. You can’t tell yourself that you’re done with your workout at soon as you finish that last lift. Your entire workout - from warm up to post-workout routine - is what matters. Use these tips to improve your results and build lean muscle more efficiently with a better approach to your post-workout.


Fuel Your Body

Your body just expended itself during your hardcore workout. Now it needs fuel - specifically protein - to recover from that workout and grow strong muscles.

After you finish a workout, your body is more sensitive to protein. Research shows that these benefits last for about 24 hours after exercise. The sooner you can make a post workout drink, the better. But your muscles will still absorb and benefit from amino acids even if you can’t immediately pump them full of protein.

Getting lots of protein after a workout also boosts your weight loss. Protein makes you feel full and satisfied, minimizing cravings. How’s this for benefits: one study showed that men were able to build lean muscle most efficiently by getting 20 grams of protein, 4 times per day.


Recover Better with BCAA’s

Branch chained amino acids - often referred to as BCAA’s - are essential for fast and effective post-workout recovery. BCAA’s contribute to tissue reparation, improved digestion, and faster muscle development.

Researchers have also found that “BCAA administered before and following damaging resistance exercise reduces indices of muscle damage and accelerates recovery in resistance-trained males.”

So, guys - you need a post workout drink with BCAA’s if you want to recovery quickly and reduce muscle soreness.


Prioritize Hydration

Do not ignore the importance of proper hydration. Too many guys assume that they don’t need water since they’re just lifting at the gym. They imagine that hydration is only a concern for runners out in the hot sun.

Big mistake. Especially post-workout.

A strenuous, sweaty workout depletes your body of water. Even if you didn’t sweat like a pig, you still need water to help stabilize your body temperature and support fast recovery.

You don’t have to swig down a gallon jug of water after your workout. But definitely keep a water bottle on hand and hydrate during and after your workout.

For the best results, prepare a post workout drink - like a whey protein supplement - that includes protein and BCAA’s. That way you’re getting everything you need to boost your body’s recovery.


Solid Routine, Solid Results

Your post workout routine is critical if you want to see the best results possible. Isn’t that what you deserve for all your hard work in the gym?

You already know the value of a good routine - that’s why you stick to your skincare for men routine. Now apply the principle to your post-workout strategy. The results? Bigger gains, shorter recovery time, less soreness, and a better you.

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