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How Does Growing a Beard Affect Your Health?

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Beards are everywhere. If you don’t have one now, you’ve probably at least thought about growing one. That’s because they’re a powerful, stylish, masculine symbol - and enhance the appearance of many men.

Even if you don’t have the genetics to grow out a full beard, there are lots of facial hair options that can make you look great. As long as you stick to a good skincare and grooming routine, there are no concerns.

Besides your appearance, how else will growing a beard affect you? Can it have an impact on your health?


Brings More Attention to Your Skincare and Grooming Needs

Growing a beard forces you to pay more attention to your hair and skin. That’s important since far too many men don’t think twice about those important details.

When you first grow a beard, you spend lots of time checking on the length and keeping track of how it’s coming in. You’ll likely notice new things about your skin as you do so. That can turn you on to starting a skincare routine for men that will prevent excess oil, fight dryness, and help your skin resist irritation.


Improves Your Personal Life

A beard is a powerful social and sexual signal. For many guys, they find that it improves their sex life - which has been backed up by recent research. To make sure this is a win for your overall health, make sure you’re avoiding any risks related to a busier sex life.

You can also expect to gain more confidence as a result of growing a beard. The self esteem boost comes from taking control over your appearance and knowing you’re making the right impression with your beard. Improved self esteem contributes to good mental and emotional health, so that’s a big win.


Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the significant majority of skin cancers in men develop on the face, head, and neck. Having a beard cuts down on the UV damage done to those areas.

There are benefits beyond the important reduction in skin cancer development. Your beard also prevents early wrinkles caused by sun exposure. Most guys don’t - but should - use face moisturizer for men with SPF daily. So at least a beard cuts down the damage done.


How to Take Care of Your Beard

To get the most benefit from your beard, take good care of it. That means using the best grooming products for men - including these beard care essentials:

  • Beard Oil. Use beard oil once daily to hydrate, soften, and shine your beard. This also keeps the skin under your beard hydrated.
  • Shampoo. Use the best shampoo for men to clean your facial hair without drying it out or negatively affecting its texture. Avoid sulfates and other harsh ingredients that can dehydrate your skin.
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