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How Does Hair Conditioner Work (And Why Should Men Use It)?

How Does Hair Conditioner Work (And Why Should You Use It)?


You’re already using shampoo regularly - but how about conditioner? Because a lot of guys don’t. 

A lot of men consider it to be an “extra” or a “above and beyond” step.

But it’s not. 

Here’s why hair conditioner is so important for men and why it should be a can’t-miss step of your grooming routine.


How Does Conditioner Work?

In simple terms, conditioner is a moisturizing agent that often contains a combination of silicones, oils, emollients, and surfactants.

All of these ingredients work together to replace moisture in the hair and counteract any stripping that might happen when you apply shampoo or use styling products.

It also strengthens the hair cuticle with a protective coating that keeps the hair from breaking and damaging easily. 

Think of the cuticle proteins like shingles on a roof. The goal is to have all those shingles lie flat so the cuticle is sealed and the hair is shiny. But the wrong product will lift them up and lead to underlying damage. The right conditioner stops that from happening. 

Finally, the combination of ingredients in conditioner makes hair easier to comb, which also discourages breakage, increases shine, and reduces overall frizz. 


Why You Should Use Conditioner in Your Grooming Routine

Conditioner smooths protects, and detangles the hair. That's how it reduces breakage, splitting, and damage from environmental factors like sun and pollution. It helps in other ways too.


Replace Natural Oils That Can Be Lost During Shampooing 

Hair is made up of three primary things: protein, natural oils, and water. If you shampoo too often or use a shampoo with particularly harsh detergents, you're probably stripping away too many of your natural hair oils.

The right hair conditioner will replace those oils. That moisturizes the hair and keeps your scalp from over-producing oil.

Revitalizing Hair Conditioner


That's why you'll find these ingredients in our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner:

  • Organic aloe vera - which instantly plumps and adds volume to hair strands 
  • Borage oil - which encourages hair growth while reducing dandruff and inflammation 
  • Avocado oil - which moisturizes and strengthens the hair shaft for fuller hair with less breakage 


Block Water Loss

Just like your skin, your hair can easily lose its water content if there isn’t any barrier keeping that moisture in. Think of it like sunscreen acting as a barrier against harmful UV rays - if it’s not there as a barrier, your skin will be more exposed and you’ll get burned easily, right? Well, it’s the same with a barrier on hair strands. 

Emollients in conditioners - like lipids and oils - help form that barrier, thereby preventing water loss from happening. And humectant ingredients attract water into the hair shaft. The combination leads to moisturized, healthy hair. 

Keep in mind that not all conditioners are created equal. Don't let yourself be fooled into buying an ineffective product. Go with a conditioner that contains moisturizing, natural oils like: 

  • Jojoba oil
  • Shea butter 
  • Olive oil 
  • Coconut oil 


How to Choose the Right Conditioner 

You Can Condition Every Time You Wet Your Hair

Shampooing your hair each and every day is a no-no for most guys. It can overly dry the hair and create split ends. 

The same is not true of conditioning. You can (and some men should) condition your hair every day to protect your strands and make sure that your hair doesn’t become frizzy and broken.


Skip the Silicone

Silicone is a major ingredient in most low quality hair conditioners. They make hair appear healthier at the moment. But...

All silicones do is coat the hair shaft. It's all temporary. They don't actually deliver any nutrients that naturally produce a healthy, shiny head of hair.

To avoid this trick, go for a silicone-free formula. Look for hair strengthening, moisturizing, scalp soothing ingredients instead.


Add Gentle Shampoo to Your Routine

Finally, remember that you’re likely to experience some product build-up on your scalp no matter what kind of conditioner you use. Incorporating a gentle shampoo will help free your scalp of this build-up and encourage healthy growth over time. For most guys, using shampoo every other day (or even a little less) is plenty for healthy, clean hair.

Ready to get your hair on the right track? Find everything you’ll need in our Daily Revitalizing Hair Care Routine.

Daily Revitalizing Hair Routine

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