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How Much Manscaping Is Too Much?

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Body grooming - aka: manscaping - is an important part of your grooming routine. Because a Bigfoot level hairy back is always a bad thing.

But sometimes guys can get a little carried away. What starts as a quick trim turns into a complete strip down of every hair from your neck down.

Where’s the balance? How much manscaping is too much? And how can you use the best techniques and best body grooming products for men to get the results you want?


Balance Your Look

If you’ve got long hair and a beard, stripping hair off the rest of your body is going to look a bit… weird. You want to aim for a balanced look that works for you.

Prefer a trim and proper clean-shaven appearance? Trimming or shaving your chest and abs won’t look too off. But before you do any major trimming, make sure you have a conversation with your SO. You don’t want to take off your shirt one day and shock them after going from chest-carpet to hairless.

The only area that should always be hairless, regardless of the rest of your look? Your back. Back hair is an always bad, no-way no-how, deal-breaker. Whether you shave, wax, or go for laser hair removal, make sure you’re doing something to control that back hair.


Use the Right Tools

Struggle with shave irritation on your face? Now image that same feeling - and even ingrown hairs - all over your body. Not a pretty picture, especially around your most sensitive areas.

Just like you do with your face, always use the best shave products for men before getting into any aggressive manscaping with a razor. First, trim the shave area as close as possible with clippers or a body grooming tool. Then, clean the area with body wash for men and use a small amount of face scrub for men to exfoliate the shave area first. That will help prevent ingrown hairs.

Depending on where you’re shaving, be careful about your choice of razor. Unless you’re a shaving ninja and have 100% confidence in your abilities, safety razors should be limited to your face. A disposable razor or a multi-blade cartridge razor with a flexible, pivoting head will help prevent any manscaping mishaps when you’re shaving around you’re most precious parts. Use a natural shave cream for men and always finish up with alcohol-free aftershave.

If you don’t need to get as close as a razor, go with a body trimmer instead. They have multiple settings and can give you a trimmed-not-hairless look that complements most guys.


Do What’s Right for You

It wasn’t so long ago that a little chest hair sticking up under your collar was considered sexy. Things change - styles, grooming preferences, etc. - so don’t worry about necessarily keeping up with those trends. Instead, find a look and grooming regimen that’s right for you and your partner.

When it comes to manscaping, you need the right tools and products. If you’ve experienced irritation from soaps and foaming shave creams, make the switch to natural products. If you have especially sensitive skin, look for products scented with essential oils, or totally unscented products.

How much manscaping is too much? That all depends on you. Make sure you’re taking a balanced approach to body grooming and using the best body grooming products for men. That way you’ll look your best, feel confident, and prevent any skin irritation.

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