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How the Bitter Cold Affects Your Body and Skin

Park bench covered in snow

Unless you’re blessed to live in the tropics, you know all about cold weather. It requires a whole different routine - you change what you wear, what you do, and how you prepare for everyday life. And when a winter storm brings bitterly cold conditions, you double prepare.

What if you’re an active guy who spends a lot of time outdoors? Or a city dweller who has to commute in public transportation and on foot? Even if those don’t describe your everyday circumstances, you’re still facing cold conditions day after day.

How does that affect your body and skin? What can you do to stay comfortable, look your best, and feel confident - no matter what the weather is like?


Dress Right

You know you have to layer up when it gets cold. But do you know why?

Layering your clothing traps warm air against the body. This is the same reason animals with thick fur coats are able to get by just fine despite frigid temperatures. It’s also why multiple lightweight layers will make you feel warmer than one heavy coat.

No matter how many layers you put on, some of your skin is still going to be exposed to the cold. Your hands and face are the usual victims - so treat them right during winter. Always wash and hydrate your face before you leave the house. A face moisturizer for men will seal in moisture and save your skin from getting dried and cracked by winter weather.

The same goes for your hands. Apply hand lotion for men before you brave the great outdoors. That way your skin won’t get the scratchy feel and leathery appearance that are so common when it gets cold.


Dealing with Cold Wind

Your skin can chill and dry out quickly if exposed to strong, cold winds. Your body can’t reheat your extremities as fast as the wind can sap out the warmth, so your hands are often the first place you feel the cold.

A good windbreaker and wind proof gloves will keep you safe from biting winds on your way to work. Prepare for the worst by using your face moisturizer for men and then covering up your face as much as possible. That will stop the cold wind from stealing your skin’s moisture.

Cold, windy conditions are especially bad news for guys that have to commute to the office on foot or public transportation. If that’s your situation, bring the best skincare products for men with you so you can refresh and rehydrate your skin once you get into the office - or wherever else you may be headed.


Enjoying the Outdoors Despite the Cold

Keep in mind these three tips if you’re going to be playing outdoor sports or going for a run in the brutal cold.

  • Don’t Be Macho. Think you’re too tough to bundle up for a hockey game or a long run? Think again - and this time, be smarter. Layer up with sweat wicking fabrics, bring a change of clothes in case you get wet and cold, and take care of yourself out there.
  • Apply Sunscreen. The sun will damage your skin and accelerate the aging process no matter how cold it is outside. If you get in the habit of using face moisturizer for men with SPF before you go outdoors, your skin will reward you with fewer wrinkles and age spots over the long term.
  • Hydration Is Essential. The winter weather is tough on your skin. Wind and dry air sap all the moisture out of your skin. This is not the time to skimp on your men’s skincare routine. Use face moisturizer for men daily and keep body lotion for men and men’s hand cream with you. That way you’ll stand out for looking great - despite whatever the weather sends your way.
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