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How to Deal with a Stubborn Cowlick

How to Deal with a Stubborn Cowlick

Bad hair days. Every guy deals with them sometimes. And they always suck. Even if you rock a messy bedhead style, there are some days when it just doesn’t come together right.

Things are worse if you have a pronounced cowlick - a section of your hair that stubbornly grows against the grain. That makes those hairs stick up and out in the worst way. Despite your efforts to wet and comb and brush and style it, that cowlick just won’t budge.

Time to end the frustration. Use these tips on how to deal with a stubborn cowlick so that you never stress about those errant hairs again.

What Is a Cowlick?

Most people - both men and women - have at least one cowlick, if not two. They are sections of hair where the collagen fibers grow in a circular arrangement, causing part of your hair to go the opposite direction as the rest. That little cluster of misdirected hairs tends to stick out like a sore thumb, especially if you have thick, straight hair.

Cowlicks are generally thought to be genetic and can appear just about anywhere on your head. Some guys have a whirling cowlick at the crown of their head. Others deal with them in front or on the side. The point is, they can be anywhere.

Style with Your Cowlick in Mind

The way you cut and style your hair can affect how pronounced your cowlick is. For example, your cowlick may not be noticeable at all if you keep your hair clipped short. But mid-length hair is sure to show it off since your hair is long enough to jut out and make a show of going the wrong direction.

Both very short and very long hairstyles minimize cowlicks. If you’re like many men and wear your hair somewhere in between, use the following tips to control that cowlick.

Hair Care Routine

Use the best hair care products for men so that you don’t strip your hair of all its natural oil. A gentle shampoo for men will cleanse your hair without dehydrating or thinning your hair. When your hairs lose their natural oil, they become weaker and are more prone to being tossed out of place by your cowlick.

Using hair conditioner for men is critical if you want to manage your hair style. Conditioner keeps your hair strands healthy and prevents the dryness that can get them out of control.

best hair care products for men

Hair Product

A medium or strong hold product is best when trying to deal with a cowlick. A natural wax pomade for men will hold your style in place despite its tendency to twirl away with your cowlick. Flexible hold products are ideal because you can readjust them as necessary if your hairs start to stray. You can get that same flexible hold but with matte finish by using clay pomade for men.

If your hair tends to be extra stubborn, a firm hold gel pomade may be your best option. Experiment with different products to find the hold and shine that are right for your hairstyle.

best hair pomade for men

Talk to Your Barber

Your barber is an excellent resource any time you have a concern about your hair style. The next time you go in for a trim, ask them if there’s a way they can adjust your haircut to help minimize the effect of your cowlick. They may also be able to recommend specific style methods or products that they are familiar with. Asking a pro for help is always a good choice.

Don’t Stress, Look Your Best

Nearly every guy has a cowlick or two. And everyone struggles with a bad hair day from time to time. Don’t let it stress you out. Instead, look your best everyday by applying these tips and using the best hair care products for men.

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