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How to Get the Best Haircut from a New Barber

How to Get the Best Haircut from a New Barber

Having a great barber is essential to living your best life. He’s the guy that knows you, knows your hair, and always makes you look and feel amazing when you leave his chair. You’ve been going to the same guy for years and the relationship is important. After all, this is how you manage to keep looking great.

All that gets shattered when you have to go out and find a new barber.

Maybe you moved. Maybe you’re traveling and didn’t get a chance to visit your official barber back home. There are lots of reasons you may find yourself needing to find a brand new barber chair to sit in. And it may feel intimidating - especially if you’ve been faithfully visiting the same barbershop for years, maybe even decades.

Chill out, you can do this. Use these tips to get the best haircut possible from your new barber. Sure, it may not be quite as amazing as your typical guy. But you can make it through with a fresh cut that looks fantastic.

Tell Him Exactly What You Want

Here’s a little secret - when you visit a new barber, they’re a little wary of you too. They want to do a great job and for you to leave 100% satisfied with your haircut. But they also know that’s hard on the first visit.

To help them out - and help ensure you are happy with your haircut - be as clear as possible when you tell them how you want your hair cut. If you know what clipper setting your barber usually goes with, let them know. Otherwise, be clear about how much length you want removed, how you normally style your hair, and any other details that will help them do a better job.

Show Him Your Best Haircut

Your phone may just be your best friend in getting a solid haircut from a new barber. Scroll through your photos and find one where your hair looks its best. If the photo was taken shortly after a haircut, even better. This will give your new barber a visual idea of what you’ve already tried to explain.

If you don’t have a personal photo that does your preferred style justice, you can also search online for stock photos of your haircut. But since your hair is unique, a personal photo is best.

Communicate Mid-Cut

If you’re starting to notice that something looks off or you feel like the barber is going too short, say something. Don’t be afraid to stop him mid-cut to make sure he understood what you want. No two barbers will cut your hair exactly the same way, so it could just be a matter of their technique being different. But it could also be that they misunderstood what you want.

A skilled barber will appreciate your comments and do their best to adjust as necessary. Just be sure you’re polite about it - screaming at him about what might not even be a real problem is not a smart way to make friends or get exceptional service.

Be Patient

If you just moved and you’re looking for a new barber, the magic might not happen on that first haircut. It can take a while to find a guy you like and who you know will consistently cut your hair just the way you like it. So unless this is a one-off cut while you’re away from home, patience is critical.

Suppose your first haircut was OK, but not great. Trying going back and explaining exactly what you did and didn’t like last time. A good barber will use your comments to do a better job and may even earn your coveted, long-term business. If you try to explain and they mess it up, don’t worry. There are plenty of other barber shops to try out next time.

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