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How to Use Pomade: A Simple Guide

Man applying pomade to hair

Hair styling is not as straightforward as it might seem. For proof of this, head to a crowded area and do some people watching. You’re going to notice some unfortunate hair situations on lots of guys.

Part of this is because men in general don’t talk much about their hair, their hair styling methods, or the hair care products they use. But if you don’t talk about it, you’re doomed to ignorance.

We are decidedly anti-ignorance at Brickell, so we’re here to help with this simple guide on how to use pomade. Pomade is one of the easiest, most versatile hair styling products for men. Maybe you have some in your bathroom cabinet right now, but aren’t 100% sure if you’re using it right. 

Let's change that. Read on.


Step 1: Choose Pomade with the Right Hold and Shine

Pomade is not a single hair styling product anymore. It can be used to describe a wide variety of both oil and water based products. And their effect on your hair can range widely too. 

All pomades are designed to give your hair a specific level of hold and shine. But in practice, what does that mean?



This refers to how aggressively in place the product holds your hair. It can be anywhere from rock solid and rigid to barely there and still totally pliable.



A pomade formula can leave your hair with a matte effect so you hardly notice it’s there, all the way up to a high glossy shine that looks like a well polished pair of shoes.

The right pomade for you all depends on your hair length, type, and style. That’s why we offer a variety of pomades with different holds and shines. Use this chart to identify the one that’s best for you.

  • Flexible Hold Wax Pomade - A natural wax pomade that conditions your hair while providing a flexible, natural shine hold.
  • Shaping Paste Pomade - This natural paste pomade for men adds definition and texture with a flexible hold and low shine.
  • Styling Clay Pomade - This natural clay pomade for men provides all-day hold with a matte finish.


Step 2: Use Pomade with Slightly Damp Hair

While you *can* apply pomade to dry hair, we don’t recommend it. Pomade works best with damp hair; it’s easier to spread the pomade all throughout your hair and to style it properly when your hair is still a bit damp.

After wetting your hair, pat it gently with a towel. Avoid rubbing your hair aggressively as this can weaken the strands.


Step 3: Warm It Up in Your Hands

Scoop some pomade out of the container with your finger and rub it around your palms and finger tips. This warms up the product and makes it easier to spread through your hair. 


How much pomade should I use?

This depends on your hair length, texture, and style. For guys with short to medium length hair, it’s best to start with about a dime to quarter size amount of pomade. If this doesn’t provide enough coverage, you can always apply more. 


Step 4: Apply Pomade, Starting at the Hair Roots

Work the pomade into your hair roots first. This is important because if you skip the roots your hair isn’t going to stay as well styled. The direction your hair sits is determined by the root, not the ends.

To do this effectively, make sure the pomade is on your fingertips. Reach down to the hair roots and then spread the pomade from the base of your hair out to the ends.


Step 5: Comb Your Hair

Now that you’ve got your pomade down at your hair roots, use a comb to finish spreading the pomade and start styling your hair. This ensures that the product is spread evenly and doesn’t glob up anywhere.

If you find that you haven't used enough product to properly cover your hair, add more and repeat steps 3 and 4. But remember that less is more - applying too much pomade can weigh down your hair and make styling difficult.


Step 6: Dry Your Hair

With your pomade applied and your hair combed, now it’s time to dry your hair. You have two options here:


Blow Dry

Use a blow dryer on the cool setting to set your hair style in place and increase the strength of your pomade’s hold. Blow drying also adds some lift and volume to your hair. This is helpful if you have especially thick hair since even a lightweight pomade will add some thickness and weight to it.


Air Dry

You’re all done if you decide to air dry. This is better for guys with normal to thin hair. Air drying increases the thickening effect of using pomade. 


Use Pomade to Create Your Perfect Look

The ease and versatility of pomade make it an essential hair styling tool for every guy. Try experimenting with different holds and shines to find a variety of ways to style your hair - there's no need to start every day with the exact same look!

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