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Is Your Diet Bad for Your Skin?

Is Your Diet Bad for Your Skin?

You are what you eat. Can’t escape it. Sadly, many guys worry about improving their appearance without ever considering improving their diet. Big mistake.

Do you follow a simple daily skincare routine for men? Great! That will help you reduce oil, prevent blemishes, and keep your skin hydrated all day long. But if you’re eating tons of junk food (especially sugar) and indulging in a few too many alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, you’re not doing your skin any favors.

Want better results from your skincare routine and to feel healthier everyday? If so, it’s time to improve your diet. This doesn’t mean you have to totally revamp the way you eat. Instead, start adding healthier choices to your current menu. Here are some foods that, when made part of your balanced diet, can help promote healthier, more youthful skin.

Red Wine (In Moderation)

That "in moderation” caveat is key. Red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that’s known to have pro collagen effects on the skin. That means that - if you keep it to just one glass - red wine can be a smart addition to your diet.

The catch here is that alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your skin. So you’ve got to keep your wine intake balanced. Down the whole bottle and you won’t be getting extra skin benefits - quite the opposite.

Olive Oil

The antioxidants and healthy fats in olive oil are both great for your skin. Sun exposure and environmental toxins can do serious damage to your skin. That’s why you need to use a face moisturizer for men with SPF and keep your skin hydrated all day long. To help get rid of the free radicals that exacerbate skin damage, make olive oil part of your diet.


The beta-carotene in carrots gives your skin a healthy, youthful glow. They also make an excellent alternative to salty, greasy afternoon snacks around the office. Pack some baby carrots and other sliced vegetables with you so you don’t go reaching for the junk in the vending machine come 3pm.

Again, moderation is key. Don’t just mass-consume carrots and carrot juice all day - otherwise that health skin radiance could take on a decidedly orange glow.


If you want to eat better and stay healthy, you can’t escape kale. It’s the superfood of superfoods - and with good reason. Its antioxidant carotenoids help prevent UV damage to your skin. That prevents pigmentation issues, age spots, and wrinkles caused by sun exposure - all of which are extremely common.

Another benefit of eating kale? It’s packed with vitamins that are beneficial to your skin. Vitamin A and C both support collagen production, which keeps your skin firm and tight.

Green Tea

If you want a slight caffeine pick-me-up plus significant skin benefits, make green tea your go-to hot drink. It contains polyphenols and catechins - both of which keep your skin firm and elastic while also preventing sun damage. If you’re worried about preventing wrinkles (or not letting those you already have get deeper) make green tea part of your daily diet.

Remember, sugary drinks aren’t going to do your skin any favors. For the most benefit, learn to enjoy your tea without adding several scoops of sugar. If you must sweeten it, try adding a touch of honey and lemon instead of straight up sugar.

Better Diet, Better Skin

By making an effort to improve your diet, you will start to see benefits for skin also. Combine a daily skincare routine for men with a healthy eating plan and people will certainly notice the marked improvement. And you’re going to feel better too - so it’s all good.

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