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Men’s Hair Loss FAQ's

Men’s Hair Loss FAQ's

Hair loss is extremely common amongst adult men. Research shows that 85% of guys will experience some degree of hair loss or significantly thinning hair by their mid-30’s.

Despite the fact that it’s so common, almost no one likes to talk about it. Hair thinning and baldness affect many men on a deep, visceral, emotional level. It can feel like you’re losing a piece of yourself or your self identity when you lose your hair. That makes this much more serious than a simple cosmetic concern.

The key to feeling confident and looking your best is taking control of your situation. That way you can make smart decisions about your hair care and grooming habits. Consider these answers to some frequently asked questions guys have about hair loss.

Is there something I should have done to prevent this?

Almost certainly not. In 95% of cases, men’s hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia - commonly knowns as male pattern baldness. In 25% of cases, guys will have already started losing their hair before they turn 21.

This loss can be emotionally devastating, but you shouldn’t blame yourself. Instead, find ways to take care of the hair you still have.

What are my best options to slow hair loss?

Treat your hair gently and use the best shampoo for men with thinning hair. Consider making these adjustments:

Lower shower water temperature. Hot water can irritate and dry out your scalp. Try lowering the water temperature just a bit so it’s warm, not scalding.

Shampoo gently. When you use the best shampoo for men with thinning hair, be gentle. Massage it into your hair and scalp without tugging or pulling. The same goes for when you dry your hair.

Use conditioner. Too many guys skip this critical step. Hair conditioner for men keeps your scalp and hair follicles hydrated and as healthy as possible. It also promotes hair growth.

Talk to your doctor. Instead of putting faith in the outrageous claims made by some hair growth products, speak with a medical professional about your options and what they recommend based on your unique situation.

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How can I adapt to thinning hair?

The first step is acceptance. You can’t totally reverse the process, so instead learn to embrace the fact that your hair is thinning. Realize that you can still look great and feel confident.

Switch to a thickening shampoo for men that keeps your hair looking full and thick. Look for ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein and avoid shampoos with harsh detergents and sulphates. You may also consider shampooing less often - maybe every other day - and using conditioner just as often.

What hairstyles will look best with my thinning hair?

Talk to your barber about adjusting your hair style or the way you get your hair cut. Some minor tweaks can help enhance your hair’s texture and appearance.

Many guys find that trimming their hair shorter actually makes them look better. You may also be able to style your hair differently or use products that add texture. That way you aren’t hiding your bald spot with a combover. Rather, you’re realistically adjusting your style so that you look your very best, no matter what.

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