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Travel, Temperature Changes, and Skincare for Men

Travel, Temperature Changes, and Skincare for Men

Your skin protects your body from all sorts of foreign invaders. Bacteria, germs, grime, and other particles are blocked from entering and damaging your health. 

That’s an excellent reason to take skincare for men seriously. By caring for your skin, you’re also caring for your overall health. Not to mention that a good skincare for men routine makes you look a lot better too.

You already know that there are many factors that can damage your skin. For instance:

  • Sun exposure leads to sun burn or it’s nasty cousin sun poisoning, both of which damage the skin.
  • A less-than-ideal shave routine can cause irritation, redness, and itchiness. 

But what about temperature changes? Like when you come in to a heated home from the chilly weather outside. Or when you travel from one climate to another. How do these changes affect your skin? How can you take the best care of your skin? Use these skincare for men tips.


Sudden Temperature Changes

When you walk into a heated room from the frigid outdoors, it can lead to redness. Capillaries expand and contract rapidly. That will break some veins and give you a flushed, red complexion. 

How can you combat this? Don’t overdo it with your indoor heating. You don’t want to come in from the cold to a shockingly warm home or office.

Also, stay warm when you are outdoors. The better wrapped up and insulated you stay, the less your skin temperature will change when you get back inside. 

Hot showers are another sudden temperature change that isn’t so great for your skin. Sure, it may feel relaxing and soothing to take a hot, hot shower on a bitterly cold day. But the steaming water can dissolve away a protective layer of oil and skin cells. The result is skin dryness, which is already a problem for many people during the winter.

Keep things in balance by taking warm showers, not near-scalding showers. It may not feel as great at first, but you will quickly get used to it. And your skin will definitely appreciate the softer touch of warm water. 


Traveling to a Different Climate

Planning to get away from the winter weather on a Caribbean cruise? Or how about leaving warmer temperatures for a snowy ski trip? Before you go on a trip to a totally different climate, make sure you’re prepared to take care of your skin.


Cold to Hot Climate

The warmer temperatures and higher humidity will help hydrate your skin. But don’t forget to continue using face moisturizer for men and hand cream for men to stay hydrated. Going to be spending time outside in the sunshine? Don’t forget to apply sunscreen of at least SPF 15. And be sure to reapply during the day every few hours.


Hot to Cold Climate

Your skin will begin to dry out immediately upon exposure to frigid weather and cold air. Be ready with face moisturizer for men. Have a natural lip balm for men ready too. You don’t want chapped, cracked lips. It looks awful and feels even worse. Keeping your skin hydrated is a must, especially if you’re not used to being in cold weather. Pack body lotion for men and apply it after you shower to protect your skin from getting dry and flaky.


The Weather Changes, Your Skin Stays Healthy

Don’t let changes to your environment ruin your skin. Prepare ahead with the best skincare products for men. Always hydrate your skin with face moisturizer for men, body lotion for men, and hand cream for men. Keep your lips in top shape with natural lip balm for men. And protect your skin from sun damage with sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.

With a bit of forethought, you can face any climate with confidence. Your skin will look great and you won’t experience the pain of dry or burnt skin. 

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