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Try These Fresh Approaches to Your Men’s Grooming Routine

Try These Fresh Approaches to Your Men’s Grooming Routine

Whenever you get into a good routine, you’re at risk for it becoming a bothersome rut. Instead of feeling good about your dedication to the routine, you wind up frustrated and feeling all hemmed in.

It can happen with any habit - including your grooming routine. If you’re a guy who takes care of his hair and skin - congratulations! You’re one of the few. But maybe you’re feeling like you need a fresh approach to your men’s grooming routine.

Whether you just update your style a bit or use something new to refresh your skin, these ideas can get you out of a routine that’s become a rut.


Get Creative with Facial Hair

From the red carpets of Hollywood to the boardrooms of Manhattan, guys everywhere are getting more creative with their facial hair. This doesn’t mean you need some kind of weird braided beard. In fact - please, please don’t do that.

The point is that mustaches, half beards, goatees, full beards, long beards, and everything in-between are in style now. Unless you work in an environment with a strict code of clean shaven only, you’re free to experiment with new facial hair styles.

Just be sure to keep your skin in good shape while you’re growing out your hair. Keep it clean and hydrated with a basic men’s skincare routine. And once your beard grows in, use a natural beard oil to keep it conditioned and healthy. 


Detox Your Skin with Activated Charcoal

Getting all the junk out - also known as detoxing - is important for your skin. Your pores can get clogged with bacteria, dirt, excess oil, dead skin, environmental toxins… all kinds of nasty stuff. So you need something a bit more powerful to deep clean your face.

Try skincare products with activated charcoal to detoxify your skin and improve your complexion. Unlike harsh chemical products that are so strong they dehydrate your skin, activated charcoal pulls out toxins gently. It binds to the junk that’s gunking up your pores and then washes it away, effectively removing that blemish-causing buildup.

Try a daily face wash for men with activated charcoal to get these benefits everyday. For an even deeper clean once a week, try an activated charcoal face mask for men. A mask that is also made with kaolin clay will also exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate your skin.


Switch to Natural and Organic Products

If you’re still using harsh chemical products on your skin, this is one of the biggest updates you can make to your skincare regimen. You’ll notice the difference immediately - both in the products themselves and in the way they leave your skin looking and feeling.

For example, take face scrub. You should be using it to exfoliate about 3-4 times each week, depending on your skin type. But there’s a world of difference between what you find at most drug stores and a truly natural face scrub for men.

Natural scrubs include ingredients like jojoba beads and pumice. These are naturally abrasive agents that get rid of the bacteria and buildup in your pores. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, avocado butter, and vitamin E too. They will prevent the dry, overly tight feeling that you commonly get after using a lower-quality product that contains alcohol and other dehydrating chemicals.


Update Your Approach for Better Skin

You’ll always look and feel your best if you make an effort to make small updates to your skincare routine. Whether that means using a face mask for men each week or using the best anti-aging products for men, make sure it’s helping you enhance and improve your appearance.

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