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What Are the Skincare Benefits of Plant Stem Cells?

What Are the Skincare Benefits of Plant Stem Cells?

You want - and deserve - the best results possible from your skincare efforts. But you’ll never get them if you use low quality products with potentially harmful ingredients. At best you’ll see lackluster skin - but you could also encounter unnecessary irritation and dryness.

Instead, make sure you’re using products with the best ingredients for your skin. For example, plant stem cells are amongst the most powerful natural ingredients available for fighting the aging process. Are you using them in your skincare routine?

Before you decide to add a product with plant stem cells to your anti aging regimen, consider what they are and what benefits they offer.


What Are Plant Stem Cells?

Plant stem cells are unspecialized, self-renewing cells that can develop into any type of specialized plant cell. They allow plants to grow and successfully recover from tissue damage. That ability is critical to proper development, recuperation, and regrowth of the organism. 

Plant stem cells used in skincare products are derived from plants and offer unique properties that benefit your skin, specifically when it comes to restoring a youthful condition affected by the aging process.


How Plant Stem Cells Benefit Your Skin

Much of the research into the skincare benefits of plant stem cells has been focused around the concept of callus regeneration in plants and the ability to capture these benefits for your skin.

For example, clinical trials of “a liposome encapsulated extract of cultured apple stem cells as a cosmetic ingredient has shown significant potential to reduce wrinkles in the crow's feet area of the face”.

That’s critical because most guys first show signs of aging around their eyes and other places where the skin is especially thin and sensitive - and therefore at risk for early development of wrinkles. The skin needs nourishment and hydration to stay smooth and healthy.

That's why we use plant stem cells as a key ingredient in our Repairing Night Serum. Along with other and organic ingredients, they contribute to helping your skin restore itself overnight for a brighter, healthier appearance. 


What Researchers Have Found

Part of what makes plant stem cells such a beneficial ingredient are the solid results they bring. Researchers found that participants who used plant stem cells saw that “wrinkles became shallower by 8% after 2 weeks and shallower by 15% after 4 weeks.” Those are impressive results when compared to what you get from cheap, low quality ingredients.

Plant stem cells all have similar properties, but they’re not all identical. For example, the experts behind one study found that “tomato stem cell extract contained a high content of antioxidants and metal-chelating compound phytochelatins, which capture metals and prevent the damage of the cellular structures, and suggest other remarkable applications in skin care cosmetic formulations to support healthy skin”.

Some of the most notable benefits of plant stem cells are related to their antioxidant properties. Studies have “explored the protective effect and strong anticollagenase and hyaluronidase activity of an antiaging ingredient from edelweiss stem cells. Leontopodium alpinum has high concentrations of leontopodic acids A and B, which have strong antioxidant properties.” So from vegetables to fruit to flowers, plants have a lot to offer your skin.


Natural Ingredients, Powerful Results

At Brickell we believe strongly that using natural, well-researched ingredients - such as plant stem cells - offers you the best anti-aging benefits. That's why you'll find plant stem cells in our Repairing Night Serum, as well as a wide variety of plant based, naturally derived ingredients throughout our lineup of anti-aging products.

See the results for yourself - firmer, brighter skin with a healthy, youthful complexion. 


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