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What Your Personal Scent Says About You

What Your Personal Scent Says About You

Of course you care about how you look. That’s why you stay educated on the best skincare routine for men and make sure you’re using high quality skincare products. But when’s the last time you thought about how you smell?

This goes way beyond preventing BO with natural deodorant for men and body powder for men. And yes - every guy should be using an effective deodorant to keep body odor under control. But your choice in deodorant doesn’t necessarily determine your personal scent.

The idea of having your own scent is something deeply personal. It’s a lot like how your skin looks and the way you dress - it instantly communicates something about you to others. The way you smell is ultimately an expression of who you are as a person.

Sounds deep, but it’s true. So what are you doing - or should you be doing - to make sure you’re satisfied with your personal scent?

You Should Like the Way You Smell

Since the way you smell is intrinsically connected to who you are, it’s important that you be happy with your scent and that it fit your personality. Here’s an example:

Imagine you’re a hard working guy who spends most of his time outdoors - perhaps working on construction projects. Your personal scent is naturally going to be affected by your surroundings. So expect to get some cement, wood, and other construction odors mixed up in the way you smell.

Now, in this case, would it make sense to use grooming products or cologne for men with scents that clash with construction odors? Not really. So fresh, woody scents would best compliment you.

Just as with the way you dress and groom, there are no hard rules as to how you should or shouldn’t select your personal scent. But this idea can serve as a guide if you’re not sure where to start.

How Your Skincare & Grooming Routine Affects Your Scent

The skincare and grooming products you use likely have some scent to them. If you have sensitive skin - or are worried about the long term health of your skin - you’ll want to avoid artificially scented products. Some ingredients lists include the catch-all term “fragrance” which can mean just about anything.

To treat your sensitive skin right and be sure your products are scented naturally, choose men’s skincare products made with essential oils. Many of these serve dual purposes - they smell great and offer skincare benefits. For example, many of our products are scented with peppermint which also relieves, cools, and soothes the skin.

If you have such sensitive skin that even naturally scented products cause irritation, choose unscented skincare products for men. That way you won’t have to worry about redness, itch, or other side effects caused by your highly reactive skin.

Subtle, Fresh Scents Suit Most Guys

Ideally, you want your personal scent to be impressive, not oppressive. That means choosing subtle scents that you notice up close. You don’t want to announce your presence to everyone’s nose as you walk into the room. Even when you're wearing the best cologne for men, you want the effect to be subtle and intriguing. Not loud and in your face.

best cologne for men

That’s why Brickell uses essential oils and works with clean, fresh scents like peppermint and citrus. These light scents aren’t overpowering and mix well with other fresh, natural aromas.

Not sure about your personal scent? Worried you may be causing the wrong effect with the way you smell?

It’s a tough thing to talk about for most guys, but it’s important if you want to make the best impression. So talk to your Significant Other or someone else who you can express yourself with openly. That way you can decide how to adjust your personal care routine to improve the way you smell.

You don’t have to spritz yourself with seven different scented sprays just to smell good. In fact, that would probably accomplish the opposite.

Instead, use men’s grooming products with natural, fresh scents. Avoid strongly scented products that use artificial fragrances. That way you can be confident in the way you look - and smell - everyday.

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