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Why Charcoal, Plants, and Foods Are in Skincare Products for Men

Why Charcoal, Plants, and Foods Are in Skincare Products for Men

Ever feel like your skincare product ingredients list looks like your shopping list? You may see ingredients like olive oil, charcoal, and avocado, just to name a few. What’s the deal? Why are these things going on your face?

It all has to do with the vital nutrients they contain. Once you learn the benefits of each, you’ll be confident that you’re getting the best results from your natural skincare products for men.



Some guys might initially be adverse to using skincare products for men with charcoal. After all, the products come out looking black. Worried about turning into the creature from the black lagoon?

You shouldn’t be. Activated charcoal can’t be absorbed by the body. Instead, toxins and other skin debris bind to it and get washed away from the body. So it’s an ideal ingredient in many skincare products - especially since it’s gentle on your skin.

For example, a face wash for men with charcoal is great for guys with sensitive or dry skin. When combined with other gentle, hydrating ingredients, charcoal cleanses and clears up the skin without over-drying or irritation.

The same applies to a face mask for men with activated charcoal. This is a deep cleaning product that should only be used once or twice each week. The charcoal pulls toxins, bacteria, and other junk out of your pores. That leaves you with a clean, bright, and youthful complexion.


Plants and Foods

There are many plant and food products that contribute to a powerful, natural skincare product. Here are a few examples.



Avocado oil is soothing and hydrating for your skin. It offers tons of moisture without leaving your skin greasy. It’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that help promote smooth, elastic, wrinkle-free skin and protect your skin from future damage.


Olive Oil

This has benefits way beyond the kitchen. For starters, olive oil is packed with vitamins A, D, K, and E. It is also an antioxidant and helps prevent long term damage caused by sun exposure. In one study olive oil even fought off cancer causing cells in mice. Besides that, it hydrates your skin and can fight off the bacteria that causes skin blemishes.


Plant Stem Cells 

Plant Stem CellsThese offer a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give you a generally more youthful appearance. Plant stem cells can also boost collagen production, which naturally slows as you age and leads to looser, more wrinkled skin. 


Choosing the Right Products for You

Just because a product advertises that it contains avocado or plant stem cells doesn’t mean you should necessarily rush to make a purchase. Consider factors like:

  • What other ingredients does it contain? Are they natural and organic?
  • Was this product designed for my skin type?
  • What have other customers and skincare experts said about the product?

Your skin type is an important consideration. For guys with oily skin, a face wash for men that contains geranium and coconut-based cleaners is best. It will get rid of excess oil without aggressively scrubbing away all natural oils from the skin.

For guys with dry skin, a different product is best. Activated charcoal, olive oil, and other gentle ingredients prevent the irritation that is common with most synthetic, detergent laden soaps and washes.

Compare skincare product ingredients before you make a purchase to make sure you’re getting natural and organic skincare products for men. Look for real ingredients you actually recognize - like essential oils, avocado, olive oil, plant stem cells, and activated charcoal. That way you’ll get the most benefit from your daily skincare routine without having to worry about any potential negative effects.

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