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About Brickell Men's Products

We create high performing, natural skincare and grooming products for men. We use natural & organic ingredients to help men from all around the world to look better, everyday.

Our Story

In early 2013, co-founder Josh, was browsing popular men’s skincare products. Being a regular guy who had never thought much about skincare or grooming beyond shaving, he decided to research a few of the ingredients in one of the products he was about to buy. The first ingredient he Googled revealed studies showing it was known to shrink the testicles of mice and thought to himself “there's no way I’m putting this on my body”. He continued researching the ingredients of this luxury brand that claimed to be “natural” but discovered it was mostly filled with toxic chemicals. After telling friend and future business partner, Matt, about his research, he learned Matt had discovered the same thing. Being entrepreneurs, they sensed opportunity and contacted leading manufacturers to come up with their own custom, natural formulas. After 6 months of product testing, they released their core 6 products. Since initial launch, Brickell has grown to be in retailers throughout the U.S., with heavy media coverage in popular press.

Our Team   

Josh Meyer, Co-Founder     

Josh stumbled into the men’s skincare and grooming industry being a regular guy who didn't think grooming went beyond shaving. He’s since built one of the leading premium men’s grooming & skincare companies with high performing products that are truly natural. Being an entrepreneur at heart, having sold previous companies, Josh thrives on creating products that solve the grooming problems guys are having.

Matt Bolduc, Co-Founder

Being a health minded guy, Matt loathed having to buy products filled with chemicals and toxins, but he could never find natural products that performed well. He was thrilled they were able to partner with leading manufacturers who were able to help create truly natural products that performed even better than synthetic ones. A detailed obsessed individual, Matt enjoys making sure every Brickell customer receives the best products on the market.

Hear What People Are Saying About Us  

"Brickell's grooming and skin products are free of synthetic chemicals to keep skin healthy and clean."     

"Unlike most moisturizers, this lotion has no artificial fillers or scent. It quickly disappears into skin to lock in moisture, and it has vitamins A and E, which help prevent the cell damage that ages skin."

"I used to steal my wife's face lotion before I found your stuff. Now she steals mine." - Brent Q., Brickell Customer

"I get a perfect shave nearly every time I use your products - they're that good." - Jason P., Brickell Customer

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