Welcome to Our Sample Kit Portal

I like how the products work, but not the scent - are there unscented versions?

No problem and yes, we offer unscented versions with most of our products. Simply choose your scent option from the drop down menu on the product page before adding to cart.

Are these products scented or unscented?

Check the label of your jar or bottle - unscented products will be marked as UNSCENTED.

My discount code isn’t working - am I doing something wrong?

You're probably trying to use it on an auto-shipment. Add a single purchase item of $20 or more to the cart or remove the auto-shipment item. The discount code included with your kit is only valid on purchases made with the original email address used to purchase the Sample Kit.

Why doesn't your Purifying Charcoal Face Wash lather?

It's not supposed to as the product was designed for dry or sensitive skin and ingredients used create lather can be irritating to those skin types. Purchase our Clarifying Gel Face Wash if you're looking for a rich, foamy lather.

What if I don't like the full size products that I purchase?

No problem! All our products come with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We're that confident you'll love our products!