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The Best Men’s Hairstyles For Your Face & Head Shape

Men's hair styles for men based upon head and face shape

The only thing that looks better than a body tailored suit, is a men’s hair style tailored for your facial structure and head shape. With all kinds of various head shapes, facial structures and hair types, how are you to know what the best men’s hair style is for yourself? Use our handy guide below to learn what hair style will look best for your facial structure and head shape.

Square Face:

A square face is usually created by a prominent and defined jaw line. Men’s medium hair styles such as a fade usually look best. Aim for haircuts that have short, tight sides with a little volume on the top. Use a hair pomade for men on top to add some texture and style.

Round Face:

A round face is characterized by well, a round looking face and head. A men’s medium hair style that is short to medium on the sides, with a medium length on top will look best. This square style hair cut will offset the roundness of your face. Rub some men’s pomade on the top to add volume and character.

Oval Face:

The crown jewel of facial structures – just about any men’s hair style will work. The fade, the comb over, the buzz cut or slicked back hair style – it’s all good.

Long Face:

A guy with a long (and narrow) face will find hair styles for men that are of medium and short length work best. Keep the length of the sides and the top the same. Style both the top and sides with a pomade for men to keep hair in place.

Diamond Face:

Men’s long hair styles work best for this type of facial and head structure. Ask your barber to layer the hair from the sides on up to the top of the hair. Add volume and texture to the top with a men’s hair pomade.

Upside Down Triangle:

A medium length men’s hair style or long men’s hair style work best for a triangular face. Parting your hair in the middle of your forehead will make it look not as wide as it really is.

No matter your facial or head shape, or type of hair, make sure you take care of it well each day. This mean's not excessively shampooing (and when you do shampoo, using a natural shampoo for men), using a men's hair conditioner, and taking care of your scalp. Read more men's hair care tips in our Men's Hair Care Manual.

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