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What Causes Uneven Skin Tones in Men?

Men: Uneven skin tones

Ever wondered why certain parts of your skin are darker, blotchy, or a different shade of color than the rest of your face? This phenomenon is called “uneven skin tone” or hyper pigmentation. Outside of wrinkles, uneven skin tone is the biggest driver of causing your skin to look older than it really is.

What causes uneven skin tone in men?

The biggest causes of uneven skin tone in men are hyper pigmentation, sun spots, and acne scarring.

Sun exposure creates excess melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its color) in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. That’s right; a tan is nothing more than excess melanin being created to prevent damage to your skin. Sometimes, excess melanin gathers in a certain area causing dark spots or hyper pigmentation.

Many guys with a history of acne can also have uneven skin tone. Picking or scratching acne can cause scars on the skin. Over time as the scars heal, they leave red marks on the face.

How to treat uneven skin tone in men

At its core, the best way to reduce uneven skin tone in men is to reduce sun exposure. The skin has the ability to repair itself, but not if is continuously exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun. Whenever going outside for more than 20 minutes, always make sure to apply a sunscreen.

Next, following a basic men’s skin care routine of using a men’s face wash, a men’s face scrub, and men’s face cream will allow the skin to heal itself and even out your skin tone.

face care routine for men

A natural face wash for men will work to remove impurities on the skin that are dulling it, while dissolving dead skin cells. A men’s face scrub will help exfoliate the darker skin cells off your face, allowing new, even toned skin cells to emerge. Finally, a men’s face moisturizer will help nourish skin cells so they can turn over more rapidly, removing the dark spots from your face quicker.

When choosing men’s skin care products to treat uneven skin tones, look for the following ingredients:

Vitamin C

Being acidic, Vitamin C helps dissolve dark spots on the skin. Get these benefits when you use a vitamin C booster for men with your face moisturizer or anti aging cream.

vitamin C booster for men

Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful natural antioxidant that kills free radicals on the skin.

Aloe Vera

This plant is loaded with nutrients that help restore skin cells, allowing them to look fully hydrated and turn over faster, thus creating a more even skin tone across the face.

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