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3 Ways for Men to Get Thicker Hair

Man with thick hair

Every guy wants lush, thick hair. But genetically, it’s just not in the cards for everyone, and hair loss is a real problem for a lot of men. In fact, by age 50, about 85% of men have “significantly thinning hair,” according to the American Hair Loss Association. Maybe not everyone hits the genetic lottery, but these steps on how to get thicker hair for men are accessible to all!

There are smart ways that can get you thicker hair - even if you’ve already started to deal with hair loss. It’s all about treating your hair right and seeing this personal goal as part of a holistic approach to health and grooming.

Though these tips won’t magically regrow your hair (or reverse the inevitable if your hair is thinning), they can make a difference if you’re looking for more body and volume. Here’s what you should know.


1 - The Right Hair Care Products to Make Hair Thicker

Shampoo. Rinse. Towel dry. Use the first products for thicker hair you find on the shelf. If that describes your entire hair care routine, it’s past time for an upgrade.

We get this question a lot: “what can I use to make my hair thicker?” First things first: you have to avoid bad-for-your-hair ingredients like silicones, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. Let’s dive into which ingredients you should be looking out for and how to get thicker hair with the right products.


The Right Products Have the Right Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hydrolyzed wheat protein increases strand thickness and strengthens the hair’s underlying structure. Getting hair to grow thicker.


Amino Acids

Amino acids help in getting thicker hair for men by restoring shine and increasing follicle volume.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E stimulates the scalp and encourages hair growth and thickness.



Lack of biotin can lead to hair loss. Consuming it does not have any negative effects.


Mild Shampoo Is Best to Thicken Hair Follicles

The harsh detergents in most shampoos are tough on your hair. They dry out the strands (leaving them weak and dull), irritate your scalp, and discourage hair growth. So your first step is to get those harsh products out of your grooming regimen and replace them with a mild shampoo with natural thickening ingredients or ingredients that make hair thicker. This will keep your hair clean and healthy while also promoting hair growth and improving volume.


Shampoo to Get Thicker Hair

Look specifically for a shampoo that’s free of sulfates and other harsh detergents. This, more specifically, should include the strengthening, hydrating, hair-growth-promoting ingredients listed above like hydrolyzed protein, vitamin E, peppermint, and tea tree oil.


Remedies to Thicken Hair with Dandruff

Do you know how to grow thick hair if you struggle with dandruff? Lots of guys deal with dandruff and flakes, but many don’t understand the underlying causes of dandruff or how to treat it properly. You could just grab a dandruff shampoo off your drugstore shelf, but most are packed with harsh chemical ingredients that eliminate flakes at the cost of your hair and scalp health. The smarter choice is to use a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo that relieves itch, flakes, and irritation without over-drying.

That’s how we designed our Relieving Dandruff Shampoo. It’s made with Ziziphus Joazeiro bark extract, jojoba, and aloe vera - three essential ingredients that soothe your scalp and make flakes a thing of the past.


Conditioner to Get Thicker Hair for Men

Think you’re too macho to use hair conditioner or that it’s something that guys don’t need? Well, think again. If you’re wondering how to get thicker hair, Using conditioner 2-3 times each week can make a big difference if you're serious about getting thicker hair. But if you’re serious about getting thicker hair, don’t just use any product off the shelf. Why?

Our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner is designed for all hair types and won’t add oily buildup to your hair or scalp. Instead, it plumps and volumizes hair strands instantly with organic aloe, borage oil, and avocado oil.


Why You Should Use Conditioner

Your hair is made of three components: protein, oil, and water. To maintain healthy hair, you have to have enough of each of these three things. A lot of factors strip away your hair’s oil and water content over time: pollution, UV rays, hot water -- and your shampoo.

This is the case even if you use a mild shampoo. After all, the whole purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt, oil, and grime. You might be wondering how to grow thicker hair if this is the case. The right conditioner will reverse this by replacing the natural oils that have been lost, diminishing dryness, and providing a protective coating that will strengthen your cuticle and encourage hair growth.


Can Thin Hair Become Thick Again?

Not sure how to get thicker hair naturally? Using the right products to make your hair thicker helps promote hair health. Try our Daily Revitalizing Hair Care Routine. It includes our Daily Strengthening Shampoo and Revitalizing Hair Conditioner - both made with gentle natural ingredients that cleanse, strengthen, and nourish your hair and scalp.


Lightweight, Volumizing Styling Products

Just like the wrong shampoo can dry out and irritate your scalp, the wrong styling products can dry out your hair or weigh it down. Heavy, oily creams or conditioners - while these moisturize the hair, they also majorly weigh it down over time.

So what should you use instead to thicken male hair? Great styling products can pave ways to make hair thicker like our collection of pomades made from natural and organic ingredients.


Distinguishing the Right Products to Make Hair Thicker

If you have thin hair then you should invest in men’s hair products for thick hair that has lightweight formulas such as mousse, foams, styling sprays, or lightweight pomades and glue. Styling products that are heavy can weigh down your hair and make it look limp.


Flexible Hold Wax Pomade

Our Flexible Hold Wax Pomade made with beeswax, vitamin E, shea butter, castor oil, and neem seed oil - all of which give your hair a natural look and shine while encouraging growth.


Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade

Our Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade is a natural fiber pomade that adds texture while absorbing excess oils for a low shine thanks to argan oil, kaolin, and hydrolyzed proteins.


Styling Clay Pomade

Our Styling Clay Pomade provides a strong yet pliable, matte finish that lasts all day and rinses out clean with bentonite clay and aloe.


Shaping Paste Pomade

Ideal for a flexible hold with a minimal shine finish, our Shaping Paste Pomade adds definition and texture while moisturizing and taming your hair with red algae extract, hyaluronic acid, and lanolin. It’s the answer to how to make hair stronger and thicker.


Classic Firm Hold Gel Pomade

Get the classic slick look with this high-shine, lightweight Classic Firm Hold Pomade made with hydrolyzed quinoa, beeswax, and natural oils.


Sculpting Hair Glue

Maximize the hold of your hair style with this natural non-sticky Sculpting Hair Glue made with biotin, argan oil, and vitamin E to boost thicker hair growth.


2 - The Right Routines to Adopt

Here are a few more ways to make your hair thicker. It’s not just about what you put on your hair, but also how you treat it day-to-day. These thicker hair tips will help.


Wash Your Hair Carefully

It’s not just about what you put on your hair, but also how you treat it day-to-day. Use a gentle non-drying shampoo making sure to massage into your scalp even if you do not have full hair. Follow up with a hydrating conditioner on the ends of your hair avoiding the scalp.


Wash Your Hair Fewer Times a Week

Your hair care routine doesn’t necessarily need to include daily washing. For many guys, this can overly strip oil and moisture from the hair strands and the scalp. So experiment with the frequency that works best for you -- for most guys, this is every other day or every third day -- and stick to it.


Turn Down the Heat

Hot shower water, hot styling products, and aggressive towel drying are all bad for your thinning hair. Heat weakens the hair, makes it more likely to become damaged, and can dull its appearance.

And go easy on your hair when towel drying it to help you get thicker hair. A light patting technique is better for thinning hair than yanking, tugging, and rubbing your hair with a towel.


Keep Your Showers Cooler and Focus on Scalp Care

This doesn’t mean you have to switch to cold showers. But consider lowering the water temperature a bit. How water can dehydrate your hair, leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage.

And don’t forget to deeply massage your scalp to boost circulation. Doing this regularly provides nutrients to your hair follicles resulting in hair growth and thickness.


Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Use heat sparingly when styling your hair. Avoid using the highest heat settings on your blow-dryer or iron to protect your hair. Excessively high heat can damage and melt the keratin in your hair resulting in frizzy hair.


Style to Your Strengths

While hair thinning is extremely common in men, everyone experiences hair thinning in a unique way. So you need to take a personalized approach to the way you style your hair that will keep it looking great.

One good rule of thumb: don’t go with a combover. You’re not fooling anyone and it never looks stylish. There are other, better ways to subtly adjust your style to flatter your current hair situation.

If you don’t know where to start, talk to your barber about it. They know how your hair grows, where your hair is thicker, and can help guide your at-home process.


Brush Regularly to Get Thicker Hair

If your hair often gets tangled or messy, it’s vital to brush your hair with a high-quality brush. Brushing regularly can stimulate your scalp increasing sebum activity.

Brushing also helps to spread natural oils to the tips of your hair leaving it with an even shine rather than a greasy look. Even if you don’t normally have messy hair, adding brushing your hair to your weekly routine is still beneficial to the health of your hair.


Don't Use a Fine Tooth Comb

Fine tooth combs are not good for thin hair. Your hair is flat and thin enough - finely combing it will only make things look worse.

Instead, style your hair with your fingers. That will leave you with a better texture and help your hair appear thicker. To enhance your look even more, use a texturizing styling product - like our Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade or Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.


Get Regular Haircuts

If your hair isn’t growing in as thick or as quickly as it once did, you might think you don’t need to get it trimmed so often. While length is not an issue, keeping your hair healthy is more important than ever when you have thinning hair. And regular haircuts contribute to strong, good-looking hair. How?


How Can Your Hair Get Thicker with Regular Haircuts?

If you don’t cut your hair regularly, it’ll be more prone to breakage and damage over time. This happens as strands rub against hats, bed sheets, and other surfaces. You get broken, split ends that do nothing for your looks. That’s why you need regular haircuts, even if it’s just a micro-trim to clean up your ends and keep your style in shape.


Stimulate Circulation

Damaged, undernourished hair will never be thick hair. And healthy hair can’t grow from an inflamed, irritated scalp.

Your scalp is essentially the soil from which your hair grows. It contains a rich microbiome of natural bacteria and fungi that encourage healthy skin and hair growth. But if your scalp is dry or has excessive product build-up, it could disturb that microbiome, suffocate your hair follicles, or make any hair that does grow to appear weak and damaged. This is one of the best tips for thicker hair.

This is why you’ll find scalp-nourishing hair ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oil in our hair care products.


3 - Make Smart Lifestyle Changes

When it comes to hair care (and skincare), what you put inside is just as important as what you lather on the outside.

You now know how to grow thicker hair for men via products and styling - now you should contribute to your goal of thicker, healthier hair by eating right and other lifestyle changes. Your hair and skin look their best when your diet supplies them with plenty of essential nutrients. Want to know how to make hair thick and strong with your habits? Here are a few hair-thickening remedies to add to your hair care routine:


Reduce Sugar

Sugars are all around bad for you. Don’t be confused by their sweet flavor - sugars promote inflammation and a host of health problems. Start small by drinking fewer sugary drinks each day, reducing desserts each week, or switching out sweet snacks for healthier choices.


Cut Out Processed Food

Fresh foods are always best. They contain more nutrients, taste great, and help you get away from added sugars, unnecessary sodium, and excess carbs. Switch from processed snacks to fresh fruits and vegetables as a way to start.


Enjoy Antioxidants

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are responsible for skin damage, hair issues, and countless other health issues. Fortunately, there are lots of delicious ways to add antioxidants to your diet - green tea, coffee, dark chocolate, blueberries, and red wine are just a few examples.


Incorporate Foods That Encourage Hair Growth

Eating a nutrient rich diet full of foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fatty fish like salmon will encourage healthy hair growth. Consider making small sustainable improvements to your diet.


Refrain from Bleaching Hair

Bleaching your hair can result in damage to your hair including more breakage and split ends. Reduce chemical hair treatments and look for healthy alternatives to get the hair style you desire.


Quit Smoking for Healthy Thick Hair

There are lots of reasons to quit smoking. You’ll improve your health, have better skin, grow thicker hair faster, and lengthen your life. But did you know that quitting may also slow down hair loss?

A 2005 study of Taiwanese men from ages 40 to 91 showed that increased smoking intensity was connected to hair loss. The researchers hypothesize that smoking may destroy or damage hair follicles.


Don’t Get Sunburnt

You already know that getting burnt is bad for your skin. But did you know that it’s terrible for your hair too? Wear a hat to help grow thick healthy hair.

Your scalp produces superoxide when it gets burnt. This compound causes your hair follicles to switch out of growth mode and into a shedding mode. If you’re already at risk of losing your hair, this will jumpstart the process. So use a hat or other protection for your scalp whenever you’re going to be exposed to the sun for an extended period.


Skip the Gimmicks, Take Care of Your Hair

There are lots of gimmicks out there that fool desperate men who just want their hair to be thick again. Don’t be fooled. Stop looking for a magic cure for hair loss and thinning. Instead, be smart about it and do what you can.

Switch to a natural, hair-thickening shampoo that won’t strip oil and moisture from your hair.

Think about your styling routine and adjust it to be easier on your scalp and hair. Use natural styling products when possible.

And make lifestyle choices that will improve your overall wellness - of which your hair is just one aspect.

But most of all - be patient. It can take some effort, but the improvement to your hair, appearance, and self-confidence is well worth it.

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