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4 Essential Beard Grooming Techniques

4 Essential Beard Grooming Techniques

Beards are everywhere. Maybe you’ve even got one yourself. So it’s safe to say you’ve seen all kinds of beards - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

What’s the lesson here? Good beards don’t happen by accident. If you want an impressive beard that gets you the right kind of attention, you need a smart beard grooming routine. And to make that routine effective, you need to master the right methods. That includes these 4 essential beard grooming techniques.

1 - Fix your beard neckline.

Necklines can be trouble spots, even for otherwise well groomed beards. That’s because they’re hard to do the right way. Some guys end up going too far and shaving their neckline up on their cheeks or chin. It’s a bad look you want to avoid. Equally troubling is the neck beard that some guys grow because they give up on trimming their neckline properly. Rough stuff.

As a general rule, your beard’s neckline should be shaped like a “U”. To get the shape right, set the low point of your neckline above your Adam’s apple at the height of your index and middle finger together. Shave everything below that line on your neck.

Now, draw the curve of your beard’s neckline in a “U” shape from the back of each ear, running down behind your jawline, and meeting at the point above your Adam’s apple. This works for every guy and will save you from those jagged, misshapen beards that too many men are still sporting.

2 - Give your mustache extra attention.

Your mustache is a minor part of your overall beard, but it’s a major part of how good your beard looks. Nail the trim of your mustache and you’ll always look great. Get it wrong and it will throw off your facial expressions and give you an unbalanced, unflattering look.

Give your mustache a little extra TLC. Invest in facial hair scissors that give you a natural result each time you trim up the ‘stache. A small comb is a another critical tool. Use it to brush all your mustache hairs straight down to properly assess it’s length and bulk.

3 - Make skincare part of beard grooming.

When it’s time to shave your neckline or trim your beard, make sure your skin is clean and hydrated before you start. Bad skincare habits lead to razor burn, irritation, and bumps - all of which are bad news.

For the best results, follow a daily face care routine for men that includes face wash, face moisturizer, and face scrub. You only need to exfoliate with face scrub for men 3-4 times each week. It’s best if you do this before you’re going to shave. Exfoliating clears out your pores and stands your whiskers away from your skin. That way you get a smooth shave without lots of redness and bumps around your neckline.

face scrub for men

4 - Learn to use beard oil.

Use beard oil daily to soften your bristly whiskers and hydrate both your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Why is this so important?

Dry, dehydrated skin can become itchy, flakey, and dull. Using a hydrating beard oil daily will improve both your facial hair and your skin. Be sure to choose a natural product made with essential oils. This will also promote growth and give your beard a healthy, natural shine.

Get Your Best Beard Ever

Even if you’ve been rocking a beard since before it was cool, you can always make improvements to your beard grooming routine. Use these 4 techniques to keep your skin healthy, your beard looking great, and your style impeccable.

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