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3 Reasons You Need to Get More Sleep

3 Reasons You Need to Get More Sleep

You’re a busy guy. There are always work emails to send and reply to. You try to make it to the gym too. But that’s hard with family responsibilities and lots of other little things that have to get taken care of. And let’s not forget procrastination… that takes up a lot of time too.

All that being busy tends to limit your sleep time. Do you struggle with getting enough sleep each night? Do you wake up looking and feeling exhausted most mornings? If so, consider this for some motivation to help you realize the value of good sleep and to start getting more.

#1 - For Your Physical Health

The amount of time you sleep each night is directly related to how healthy you are. Your body goes through restorative cycles as you sleep. If you limit or interrupt those by sleeping very little or getting low quality sleep, your health will suffer.

Extensive studies have been conducted on the consequences of poor sleep habits. Here are just a few of the disadvantages that come from burning the midnight oil too often:

There are tons of good reasons to get more shut eye, even if it isn’t always convenient. Make your health a priority - by making sleep a priority.

#2 - For Your Mental Health

The latest research on circadian rhythms shows that throwing off your body’s natural clock can make you 10% more likely to suffer from a mood disorder. How did researchers account for disruptions in circadian rhythms? They focused on people who were more active late at night.

This group was up to 10% more likely to suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and similar mental health issues. So while lack of sleep cannot be directly held responsible for developing these disorders, it does seem to be related.

Your body’s internal clock is critical to maintaining good mental health. So, unless it is impossible because of your schedule, make an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour each night.

Find it hard to commit to an earlier bedtime? Have trouble with screens and other distractions? Try setting a bedtime alarm - just a gentle reminder that it’s time to turn off the screens and start getting ready for bed. Or begin to associate an earlier bedtime with something you enjoy, like reading.

#3 - For Your Appearance

When you don’t get enough sleep, it shows all over your face. That’s because staying up late and getting less than enough sleep causes an excess of cortisol - known as the stress hormone. It also slows down collagen production, limiting the youthful, elastic look and feel of your skin.

Another issue is circulation. The thin, sensitive skin on your face needs good circulation to prevent accumulation of fluids or blood. When that happens, you get puffy eye bags and dark circles - not to mention general inflammation.

As you work to get better with your sleep habits, upgrade your nighttime skincare routine for men for even better results. A nighttime face serum for men is a critical part of this routine, since it helps increase collage production and provides hydration to your deepest skin tissue.

nighttime face serum for men

Sleep Matters

Want to enjoy the healthiest, best life possible? Make sleep a priority. It will help your appearance, reduce your risk of developing mental health disorder, and will keep you healthy for many years to come.

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