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Want Better Skin? Upgrade These Cheap Products You’re Still Using

Want Better Skin? Upgrade These Cheap Products You’re Still Using

If you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to say you want better skin. You know it can help your personal and professional life. You take skincare seriously and want to look your best for as long as possible.

Great. So why are you still using cheap products from the drug store? You know… they’re the same ones you’ve been using since you were a teenager. The ones that are filled with sulfates, harsh detergents, parabens, and other potentially damaging ingredients.

It’s time to upgrade to better products that will give you better results and better skin. You don’t have to totally revamp your approach to skincare and grooming. Instead, consider finding updated versions of these 4 common skincare and grooming products. Spending a little bit more on better quality products will offer you results those cheap drug store products just can’t.


Body Wash

That same old sudsy, man-scented body wash you’ve been using since high school needs to get replaced. That’s because most body washes have harsh soaps that dry out your skin. For a gentler experience - which means less dehydration and skin irritation - move up to a natural body wash for men.

Look for ingredients like coconut based cleansers, tea tree oil, jojoba, and aloe vera. These hydrating, nourishing ingredients do more than just wash away dirt and oil. They also supply your skin with key nutrients. You’ll hop out of the shower looking and feeling better everyday.

One of the most potentially irritating parts of cheap body washes are the fragrances. When you switch to a natural body wash for men with essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances, you avoid the skin irritation that cheaper products so often cause.


Face Wash

Think you don’t need to worry about your face wash? It’s just some soap to get your face clean, right?

That’s not the right approach if you want the best results and if you’re thinking about the long term appearance of your skin. Harsh soaps dry out your skin, which speeds up the aging process. When detergents wash away your natural oils, they leave your skin dry and tight.

The best face wash for men won’t do that. Instead, it will gently clean your skin while still retaining the natural layer of oil that you need. Choose a face wash based on your skin type - the best face wash for men with sensitive skin will be formulated differently than the best face wash for men with oily skin.


Face Moisturizer

Cheap face moisturizers are often made with parabens, alcohol, and heavy oils. These can leave behind residue, dry your skin out after they dissolve, and lead to long term skin problems.

The best choice is a natural face moisturizer for men. Choose a product that’s oil-free, lightweight, and fast-absorbing. That way you won’t get a heavy cream that leaves your face feeling too oily. Remember, even guys with oily skin should use face moisturizer - but the wrong product can be a problem.

For the best results, apply your face moisturizer for men twice daily - once in the morning and once in the evening - after using your face wash.



Cheap shampoo goes for just a few dollars per bottle. So why would you waste your money on expensive shampoo, right?

In reality, the waste is on the cheap stuff. Again, cheap detergents tend to dry out your hair and scalp. They can lead to a constant cycle of daily shampooing where you hair is left dry, dull, and flat. So you have to shampoo again. And again. And you never get thick, healthy hair.

A natural shampoo for men is different. Get a shampoo with thickening ingredients - like hydrolyzed wheat protein - and nourishing essentials - like vitamin E and amino acids. They will help you get thick, strong, naturally shiny hair that actually has some volume to it.

You don’t have to rush into your bathroom and throw away all your cheap grooming products. But you should check their ingredients lists and consider making some upgrades. You’ll see better results that are well worth it.

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