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4 Men’s Grooming Products Every Guy Needs, But Most Ignore

4 Men’s Grooming Products Every Guy Needs, But Most Ignore

Men’s grooming doesn’t have to become a lengthy, complicated part of your day. With the right routine, you can improve your hair, skin, and appearance - all without wasting an hour in the bathroom each morning.

Are you ignoring some of the essential men’s grooming products you need for a better look? Consider these 4 men’s grooming products that every guy should be using, but most totally forget about. Their benefits make them worthy additions to your medicine cabinet.

Exfoliating Face Scrub

Why: To dig the dirt and oil out of your pores.

exfoliating face scrub for men

Washing your face and using face moisturizer for men daily is essential. That gets rid of the dirt and oil on the surface of your skin. And the moisturizer protects your skin from dehydration - and the subsequent early onset of wrinkles. But it’s not enough if you want better skin.

Use an exfoliating face scrub for men 3-4 times each week after washing your face. It will dig the dirt and oil out of your pores. That helps prevent blemishes, breakouts, and dull skin. Exfoliating also removes the outer layer of dead skin that gives your complexion an aged, tired look.

Another benefit of using face scrub is that it will help you get smoother shave. Use it before you shave to stand your facial hair up and away from the skin. You’ll get closer without causing irritation, burning, or redness.

(Better) Shave Cream

Why: Shave irritation hurts - and looks terrible.

best shave cream for men

If you’ve been using the same shave cream since you started shaving, it’s time for an upgrade. A better shave cream will offer you a more pleasant experience - a closer shave, far less irritation, and a smoother feel.

Try a natural shave cream for men that nourishes and hydrates your skin while also prepping your shave area. For example, a shave cream for men with jojoba helps protect your skin from your razor blade. Jojoba forms a cushion over your skin so you get a smooth, slick shave without the tugging or pulling that causes irritation.

SPF Lip Balm

Why: Your lips need moisture and protection all year long.

spf lip balm for men

Many guys associate lip balm with the cold winter months. They fear cracked lips from the dry air. But once spring comes along, they forget all about it.

Bad idea.

You should use an SPF lip balm for men all year to protect your lips from both dryness and sun damage. You definitely don’t want to face sun poisoning on your lips. It’s extremely painful - and totally unnecessary. Keep your lips hydrated, comfortable, and safe from the sun’s UV rays with a natural lip balm for men that includes SPF protection.

The best part about this small addition to your grooming routine? It’s cheap, easy to apply, and can be carried along in your pocket anywhere you go. If you tend to be forgetful, just leave a stick of lip balm in your desk drawer, in your car, and in your gym bag. That way you’ll never be without it.

Thickening Shampoo

Why: Most guys see hair loss by the time they turn 40.

best shampoo for men

Hair loss is one of those things nobody wants to talk about. But it’s for real, so why not doing something about it? No, you can’t magically regrow your hair. But you can switch to a thickening shampoo for men that naturally strengthens your hair and gives you more volume.

Choose a shampoo that is sulfate-free so it won’t dehydrate your hair and scalp. Look for ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein, tea tree oil, and vitamin E. These keep your hair clean and flake free while also promoting hair growth, follicle volume, and strand thickness.

Take a look at your men’s grooming routine. Could it use some improvement? If so, add one or more of these products to your regimen. Enjoy the results!

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