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5 Key Ingredients in Natural Face Wash for Men

5 Key Ingredients in Natural Face Wash for Men

Sick of using harsh soaps that dry out your skin and do more harm than good? It’s about time. Too many guys have spent years damaging their skin with chemical-laden products that leave their skin tight, dry, and dull.

Ready to make the switch to a natural face wash for men? Be sure to look for a product with gentle, natural ingredients. That way you can be confident you won’t be harming your skin. And those gentle ingredients will also contribute to slowing the aging process.

Consider these 5 key ingredients in natural face wash for men. Learn where they come from, their benefits, and why you should be using a product that contains all five.

Aloe Barbadensis / Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the best known natural skin treatments around the world. It’s been used for centuries to treat burns, reduce irritation, and relieve sun damage. What’s it doing in your face wash for men?

Aloe vera is a powerful hydrating ingredient. It helps prevent dryness after you wash your face. Most soaps use harsh chemical detergents that totally strip away moisture, leaving your skin dry and tight. But a natural face wash for men with aloe vera will protect your skin and keep it hydrated.

Aspalathus Linearis / Rooibos

The rooibos is a bush native to South Africa that is often used to make a popular tea. But it also has significant benefits for your skin. Why?

Rooibos is effective on sensitive skin, helping to prevent irritation and dryness. It’s also packed with flavonoids, which help fight the aging process and keep your skin youthful. And it contains vitamin D and zinc, both of which contribute to good skin health.

Olea Europaea / Olive Oil

Olive oil - besides being a healthy source of fat in your cooking - is also great for your skin. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and helps to cleanse the skin of dirt and bacteria.

best natural face wash for men

Using a face wash for men with olive oil helps keep you skin hydrated and smooth. It is a gentle surfactant - unlike the cleansing agents common in most soaps.

Activated Charcoal

This might seem more appropriate for your barbecue than your skincare products. But you might be surprised at how effective activated charcoal is at removing contaminants and dirt from your skin.

Charcoal is activated by being processed at a high temperature. That results in structural changes in the charcoal that increase its surface area and make it extremely porous and absorbent - so much so that doctors use it in acute overdose cases to detoxify patients.

On the skin, activated charcoal helps get rid of dirt, bacteria, and other common facial irritants. That’s why it is found in the best natural face wash for men. It absorbs the bad, then washes away. You’re left with a clearer complexion and better skin.

Simmondsia Chinensis / Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is derived from the jojoba shrub - an evergreen plant found in the deserts of the southwestern United States. Its seed kernels are pressed to obtain the valuable jojoba seed oil. But what makes this substance so good for your skin?

Your skin produces its own natural oil - sebum - to keep your skin clear, bright, and hydrated. The most effective oils used in skincare for men products closely mimic the skin’s natural oil. That’s what makes jojoba so great - monounsaturated, straight-chain acids and high molecular weight oils are very similar to the sebum your body already produces.

Jojoba oil in the best natural face wash for men helps ensure that your skin doesn’t get overly dry after washing. It helps rebuild the cushion of natural oil that keeps your skin healthy after you’ve washed away all the dirt, bacteria, and excess oil.

Choose the Best Natural Face Wash for Men

Don’t keep using your harsh soap just because of habit or because it’s cheap. In the long run, using a quality, natural face wash for men is much more worth it. Your skin will look better, you’ll slow the aging process, and you won’t have to worry about using potentially harmful ingredients on your sensitive skin.

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