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Oily Skin Routine + 5 Oily Skin Tips for Men

Oily skin tips

OK, so you may have shiny, acne-prone skin. You can reframe that as smooth, never-dry skin and find an oily skin routine to deal with it and look your best.

That said, oily skin is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a thing. There’s plenty to be optimistic about. For example, men's oily skin tends to be thicker and holds up better against aging. While dry and sensitive skin deals with deep wrinkles and discolored age spots, you’ll still show off your youthful mug.

Why Is My Forehead So Oily?

Having hyperactive sebaceous glands can make up your oily forehead. A hormone called dihydrotestosterone is present in the bodies of all men (DHT). DHT controls several bodily processes that define you as a man. Excessive DHT levels produce excessive sebum, giving you an oily, greasy appearance.

Dehydrated skin is caused by insufficient moisture. As a result of dehydration, your body may produce excess oil to compensate.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Looking your best is about balance. You’ve got to take care of your oily skin so it doesn’t get out of control and affect your appearance. But you can’t go overboard either - your skin does need moisture and oil to stay healthy. To strike that balance, here's a step by step skin care routine for oily skin that you can repeat every morning and night and 5 oily skin tips for guys.

The Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin in the Morning

Start With a Gentle Cleanser

Cleanse your face with an oil-controlling face wash in the morning. If you notice oil pooling on your face mid-day, you can do a quick mid-day cleanse with just lukewarm water over your face. Be careful not to over-wash your face, as this can excessively over-dry your skin and cause excess oil production and breakouts. Your skin has a certain level of oil required to maintain its pH balance and homeostasis. When this is broken, your sebaceous glands go into overdrive, creating excess oil to bring everything back into balance.

When choosing skincare for oily faces, watch out for oily skin products containing salicylic acid or bars of soap.
Both of these products contain harsh ingredients that excessively dry out the skin and, as mentioned above, are counterproductive to your fight against oil.


Clarifying Gel Face Wash for Men

Face wash for men with oily skin should be designed differently - and our Clarifying Gel Face Wash is. The ingredients are less aggressive when cleansing oily skin for men and also leave your skin hydrated - aloe, geranium, and coconut-based cleansers. Use it twice a day (each morning and evening) - for the best results.

Wash Your Face With Warm Water

You should avoid cleaning your greasy forehead or any other part of your skin with hot water, regardless of skin type.

It is super important for dry and oily skin types to check the water temperature they use.
Hot water will further dry out your dry skin and can remove natural oils, but you need warm water. Warm water could help clean away the excess oil and dirt but not too much.


Use a Toner

Skin toners are one option for you to use for your facial routine for oily skin. However, skin toners come in various formulas to meet different skin types, and finding the best product is challenging. Your search is over and our Balancing Toner works for all skin types.

Balancing Toner for Men

Our Balancing Toner is made with witch hazel and cucumber. It removes dirt and oil from pores that may have been left behind after washing your face. And it leaves you with a matte appearance to prevent the greasy shine common in guys with oily skin.

Don't Forget About the Eyes

One of the most delicate parts of the body is the eyes. Your eyes keep your skin refreshed and bright; it is the first point of focus anyone can see. Skin routine for oily skin around the eye, especially in the morning, could bring a great deal.

Restoring Eye Serum Treatment for Men

Including an eye serum within your oily skin routine is very beneficial. It completely prevents wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles under your eyes. Restoring Eye Serum Treatment is soothing and reduces puffiness under the eyes for all skin types.


Even with oily skin, you’ll want to use a face moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, preventing your sebaceous glands from going into overproduction mode. The more constantly hydrated you can keep your face, the less likely an overproduction of oil will occur. The best moisturizer for men's oily skin is oil free. Use it immediately after you wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed.

The best face lotion for oily skin will also be very lightweight, absorbing into the skin, not sitting on top of it.


Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

Since you have oily skin, use an oil-free formula - like our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. It can be used as the perfect skincare for oily skin in the morning or evening. Using a face moisturizer will help hydrate the skin without clogging pores.

Finish With Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen on your skin is the best way to protect and keep a healthy appearance at any age. When used on oily skin routinely, sunscreen can help prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging. It is worth noting that sunscreen works for all skin types.

Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45 for Men

Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF is the perfect facial routine that closes the deal on skincare. It works well as men’s skincare for oily skin; as a result, performing wonders on your skin. Skincare for men comes with different application methods.

Best Skin Care Regime For Oily Skin at Night


If you have acne-prone or oily skin, a salicylic acid–based cleanser may be the perfect skincare routine for oily skin. You can apply our Clarifying Gel Face Wash to unclog pores and give it a refresher look.


Skin toning will help balance your skincare routine for oily skin and give you a more attractive look. Our Balancing Toner for men can help remove dirt and oil from pores that may have been left behind after washing your face. This product is effective as a shave to penetrate the skin and work its magic efficiently.

Exfoliate (Don't Do It Every Day)

Add this step to your oily skin care routine at night once to three times a week.

Use a facial scrub for oily skin to remove excess build up and dead skin that can accumulate on your face due to your ultra active sebaceous glands.
Be gentle as “over scrubbing” can dry out the face and cause irritation – both of which cause overproduction of oil.

Renewing Face Scrub

Facial scrubs are the best skincare for oily skin - if you have oily skin and want to get the maximum benefit from your exfoliation oily skin face routine, use our Renewing Face Scrub every other day. If you notice any skin irritation on the drier parts of your face, avoid exfoliating them. Focus primarily on exfoliating your T-zone - your forehead and your nose - and any other oily spots.

Help to Unclog Pores With a Mask

Our product gives you proper oily skin routine care by regularly applying it. After a long day at work, take 15 - 20 minutes, 1- 2 times per week. They contain AHA and BHA to help with deep pore cleaning to keep your face nourished.

Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

Our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask uses an advanced, yet natural formula to achieve the best results. Its ingredients include activated charcoal, kaolin clay, MSM, vitamin E, DMAE, and hyaluronic acid. Together, these ingredients gently and effectively pull bacteria, grime, excess oil, and other debris out of your pores. But since our mask is also packed with hydrating ingredients, you don’t have to worry about it over-drying your skin.


Shaving is your first approach to a skincare routine for oily skin. It is always better to shave in the evening before applying your natural ingredient serum to your skin to keep it nourishing. Along with removing hair, shaving also cleanses the dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin.

Smooth Brushless Shave Cream for Men

Introducing the unique Smooth Brushless Shave Cream for men, suitable for all skin types. Our product is made from natural ingredients that help soften the skin. Rich in natural ingredients to nourish your skin and keep it healthy.

Apply After Shave

Apply an after-shave product to help soothe your skin and give you the moisturizing feel you need to get on with your day. Don't skip this step in your oily skin care routine. Your skin needs to remain moist so that you may go to the regime of extra oil production. Avoid after-shaving products with menthol in them.

Instant Relief Men's Aftershave

Our Instant Relief Men’s Aftershave lotion is enriched with natural ingredients - like aloe, tea tree oil, and shea butter - to give your skin the tender care it deserves. It helps soothe and hydrate your skin by reducing irritation from razor burns.

Take Care of Your Eyes Area

Taking care of your eye area should be a top priority for you. Keep your eye area firm and prevent sagging and wrinkles with natural ingredients - like Vitamins A and C. Your approach to skin care for oily skin should also include your eye area to avoid eye bags.


Restoring Eye Cream for Men

Reduce eye bags, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark spots under the eye with the Restoring Eye Cream for Men. This diminishes the fine lines and crow’s feet around the eye. It rejuvenates and brightens the skin to its natural color.



Including moisturizing steps in your oily skin care routine is vital to keep your skin balanced and healthy. Good skin moisturizers - like our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for oily skin at night - will hydrate your skin without clogging pores and contain ingredients that regulate oil production.

Give Your Skin Extra Nighttime Care

Using an anti-aging serum at night can be a good idea to allow the serum to work while you sleep. Oily skincare routine serum penetrates the skin deeper and provides more visible results.

Anti-aging serums often contain potent antioxidants, peptides, and retinol that can help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote collagen production.


Repairing Night Serum for Men

An eye serum is quite beneficial to skincare. It completely prevents wrinkles, bags, and dark circles under your eyes. Repairing Night Serum for Men is soothing and reduces puffiness under the eyes.

5 Tips For Oily Skin in Men

1 - Use men’s face wash designed for oily skin.

Facial washes aren't all created equal. If you don't know what to use for oily skin, don’t reach for any old soap and assume it will deliver the best possible results. A face wash designed for men’s oily skin care needs is what you want. Be smart - skip the harsh soaps. Your oily skin needs a gentle face wash that will prevent acne and oily buildup without totally stripping away your skin’s essential oils. What’s the difference between the harsh stuff and the good stuff like our Clarifying Gel Face Wash?

  • Most soaps are made with strong detergents. Their molecules bond with oil and dirt, trapping them in water. When you rinse it off, you’re oil free.
  • The issue is that harsh soaps don’t just grab the excess grease that clogs your pores. They leech the natural oil out of your skin, leaving you with that dry, tight feeling. Sure, you’re oil-free. But that’s not a good thing.


2 - Exfoliate often (but not everyday)

Facial washes remove oil, dirt, and debris on the outermost layer of your skin. But that’s not quite enough. Exfoliators like our Renewing Face Scrub get deeper. It digs bacteria, oily buildup, and other junk out of your pores. It also removes the outer layer of dead skin cells that contribute to a dull complexion and potential blemishes. Guys with oily skin tend to be acne-prone too, and using face scrub is good for both concerns and oily face treatment. It reduces oil so your skin keeps a proper balance - lubricated with natural oils without allowing those to get too thick and shiny.

3 - Reduce oil and shine with toner.

Toner should be an important part of your oily skin care routine if you’ve got oily skin. Take a look at how to treat oily skin with toner and what it does below: Toner reduces oil buildup, minimizes the appearance of pores, and diminishes inflammation. It’s like a quick reset for oily skin that both cuts back on oil and refreshes the skin.

Ingredients to watch out for

Be careful when choosing your toner. Many contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that leave the skin dry and irritated. Instead, choose a natural toner for men - like our Balancing Toner - with witch hazel, cucumber, and peppermint. That way you’ll get the positive results without any potential negatives.

Toner is most effective when used in the morning as part of your facial routine for oily skin.
Apply it after washing but before putting on face moisturizer. You can also use it during the day if your skin is getting oily.


4 - Deep clean your pores with a mask.

Another smart and effective way to control oily skin for men is with a face mask. Use it twice a week to deep clean your pores, remove oily gunk and bacteria that can cause acne, and tone your skin. There are many different masks out there, all promoted for this or that reason. Here's our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask for guys with oily skin.


5 - Don’t skip the moisturizer.

Should you avoid face moisturizer because you have oily skin? Absolutely not. You should be careful to choose a product that will work for your skin. But your face still needs proper moisture and hydration if you’re going to look your best.

Men's oily skin needs a lightweight face moisturizer that’s oil-free and absorbs quickly.
That way your skin gets the hydrating benefits without any excess oil sitting on top of it. Our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer fits the bill. It’s made with natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid and green tea, dries quickly, and won’t leave your skin shiny or oily.

Bonus: Easy does it.

Too many guys overcompensate for their oily skin. They think that the more they wash their face, the better. Or that if they exfoliate twice daily instead of every other day, they’ll get better results. Guys, chill out. Your oily skin won’t react better to a hyper-intense skin care for oily faces. A gentle touch is what you want.

  • Don’t wash your face more than twice each day. That’s all you need to control oil.
  • If you constantly wash your face, your skin may respond by producing even more oil. That throws everything out of whack and leaves you with the exact opposite of the results you wanted.
  • Sometimes oily skin and uneven skin tones occur together. Learn how to fix uneven skin tone.


The Bottom Line

As a general rule, no matter what type of skin you have, be gentle with it. Learn what to use for oily skin and treat your skin right. Control oil and shine by following the tips provided above. You’ll be able to stave off skin blemishes and look your best everyday.

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