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5 Skincare Tips for Guys with Oily Skin

5 Skincare Tips for Guys with Oily Skin

Oily skin is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a thing.

Instead of hating on your shiny, acne-prone skin, find smart ways to deal with it and look your best. There’s plenty to be positive about. For example, guys with oily skin also tend to have thicker skin that holds up better against the aging process. While the men with dry and sensitive skin are dealing with deep wrinkles and discolored age spots, you’ll still be showing off your youthful mug.

Looking your best is about balance. You’ve got to take care of your oily skin so it doesn’t get out of control and affect your appearance. But you can’t go overboard either - your skin does need moisture and oil to stay healthy.

To strike that balance, apply these 5 skincare tips for guys with oily skin.

1 - Use a Face Wash Specifically Designed for Men with Oily Skin

Not all face washes are created equal. First, don’t just reach for your girl’s product and assume it will work for you. A men’s face wash that is specifically designed for men’s thicker skin and unique skincare needs is what you want.

Second, skip the harsh soaps and washes. Your oily skin needs a gentle face wash for men that will prevent acne and oily buildup without totally stripping away your skin’s essential oils.

gentle face wash for men with oily skin

Most soaps are made with strong detergents. Soap molecules bond with oil and dirt, trapping them in water. When you rinse it off, you’re oil free. The issue is that harsh soaps don’t just grab the excess oil that clogs your pores. They leech the natural oil out of your skin, leaving you with that dry, tight feeling. Sure, you’re oil free. But it’s no longer a good thing.

A gentle face wash for men with oily skin is designed differently. Its ingredients are less aggressive and leave your skin both clean and hydrated. Look for a face wash with ingredients like aloe, geranium, and coconut based cleansers. Use it twice a day - each morning and evening - for the best results.

2 - Exfoliate Often

Face wash removes the oil, dirt, and debris on the outermost layer of your skin. But a face scrub for men that exfoliates gets deeper. It digs bacteria, oily buildup, and other junk out of your pores. And it removes the outer layer of dead skin cells.

face scrub for men

The result? A brighter complexion with clear skin. Since guys with oily skin tend to be acne-prone too, a face scrub for men is important. It helps you prevent blemishes from forming. And it reduces oil so your skin keeps the proper balance - lubricated with natural oils without allowing those to get too thick and shiny.

Use a natural face scrub for men every other day if you have oily skin. If you notice any skin irritation on the drier parts of your face, avoid exfoliating them. Focus primarily on exfoliating your T-zone - your forehead and your nose.

3 - Reduce Oily Buildup with Toner

Toner may just become your new best friend. It’s an important part of your skincare routine if you’ve got oily skin. What is it and how does it work?

Men’s skin toner reduces oil buildup, minimizes pores, and diminishes inflammation. It’s like a quick refresher for oily skin that both cuts back on oil and refreshes the skin.

skin toner for men

Be careful when choosing your toner. Many contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that leave the skin dry and irritated. Instead, choose a natural toner for men with ingredients like witch hazel, cucumber, and peppermint. That way you’ll get the positive results without any potential negatives.

Toner is most effective when used in the morning as part of your skincare routine. Apply it after washing but before putting on face moisturizer.

4 - Deep Clean Your Pores with a Mask

Another smart way to control oily skin is with a men’s face mask. Use it twice a week to deep clean your pores, remove oily gunk and bacteria that can cause acne, and tone your skin.

There are many different masks out there, all promoted for this or that reason. But what’s best for guys with oily skin?

face mask for men

Look for a face mask for men with activated charcoal, kaolin clay, and other natural ingredients. These are ideal because they gently and effectively remove bacteria, toxins, and excess oil. You don’t have to worry that they’ll irritate your skin or leave it dehydrated.

5 - Moisturizer Matters

Do you avoid face moisturizer because you have oily skin? That may seem like a good choice. You shouldn’t just slather on any old product. But your skin still needs proper moisture and hydration.

Men with oily skin need a lightweight men’s face moisturizer that’s oil-free and absorbs quickly. That way your skin gets the hydrating benefits without any excess oil sitting on top of it. The best face moisturizer for men with oily skin contains natural ingredients, dries quickly, and won’t leave your skin shiny or oily.

Bonus: Don’t Overdo It

There’s one essential tip that applies to all the other five above: don’t overdo it! Too many guys think that the more they wash their face, the better. Or that if they exfoliate daily instead of every other day, they’ll get better results.

Guys, chill out. Your oily skin won’t react better to a hyper-intense skincare regimen. A gentle touch is better.

Don’t wash your face more than twice each day. That’s all you need to control oil. If you constantly wash your face, your skin may respond by producing even more oil. That throws everything out of whack and leaves you with the exact opposite of the results you wanted.

In general, be gentle with your skin. Treat it right. And help reduce oil by following the tips provided above. You’ll be able to stave off skin blemishes and an oily shine - and look your best everyday.

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