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Does Good Men's Grooming Demand You Shave Your Armpits?

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It’s one of those big manscaping dilemmas: Should you shave your armpits?

For most guys, it all comes down to how much body hair you’re comfortable with. And what your significant other thinks of the manscaping debate.

One thing’s for sure - trimming or shaving your pits is going to take some upkeep. You don’t want to do it wrong. Shaving any sensitive area requires the right tools and the right men's skincare routine.

Why do some guys choose to shave their armpits? Are there any benefits that make it worth it to you? Will it make you more attractive? Good questions… worth answering.


Why Some Guys Shave Their Armpits

All that hair can get hot. And steamy. And sweaty. Many guys trim or shave their pits to deal with the sticky, sweatiness of it all. But will that really have the desired effect?

Shaving your hair can potentially keep you a bit cooler. But it’s not going to stop you from sweating. The only thing that can do that is an antiperspirant. And if you’re concerned about only using natural and organic skincare products for men, you may think twice before using most antiperspirants. They often contain aluminum and other questionable ingredients that can clog your pores and may even have more serious side effects.


What About Athletes?

There are other reasons - good reasons - why guys shave their pits. You may associate the look with athletes, swimmers especially. And sure, if you’re trying to fly down the lane as smoothly as possible, shaving your pits makes sense. But for most guys it’s not going to affect your aerodynamics.


Will It Make Me More Attractive?

Another big factor is what other people may think. If you’re trying to attract that special someone in your life, is shaving going to make you a better catch?

For most people, whether or not your pits are shaved is not going to make or break a relationship. But before you change something about the way you look, it’s worth at least discussing with your significant other.

Beyond that, consider your personal confidence. Will you feel better about yourself if you trim or shave your body hair in a certain way? If so, go for it! And if you change your mind afterwards, it will always grow back.

Manscaping (and grooming in general) is all about creating a body image that you can be proud of. So embrace whatever look works for you - and rock it with pride.


Avoid Common Shaving Mistakes

If you’ve decided to shave your armpits, be cautious. That’s some sensitive, hard to maneuver skin. You’ll want to use a razor with an easily pivoting head. Your best bet is to get a trimmer or razor specifically designed for body grooming. It will be much less likely to cut or irritate your skin.

Prepare the area well before you go in with your razor. Here’s how:

  • Trim. Cut down your hair as low as possible before you shave.
  • Wash. Use a body wash for men with warm water to get rid of any dirt or debris that could lead to shave irritation.
  • Exfoliate. You’ve seen this recommendation before for shaving your face. The same applies here. A product like face scrub for men will raise your hairs up and away from the skin for a closer, smoother shave.

Afterwards, follow up with a body lotion for men. Continue to do so for several days to prevent unnecessary irritation. You don’t want to end up with redness, shave bumps, or itchiness under your arms.


Step Up Your Grooming Habits

Whether it’s your armpits - or any other part of your body you shave - your skin will do better if you have a smart grooming routine. Don’t wash your recently shaven armpits with a harsh, skin-drying soap. Instead, choose a natural body wash for men that’s gentle and hydrating. That will prevent unneeded irritation and redness.

Think about the deodorant or antiperspirant you use as well. A natural and organic deodorant will treat your skin much better than a chemical-laden, highly fragranced product.

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