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6 Men’s Grooming Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Career

6 Men’s Grooming Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Career

Competition is tough. You’re a skilled professional. You’ve got the experience and the knowledge to succeed in your field. But even so, building and maintaining a career is never easy.

Don’t make it any harder on yourself by adopting bad grooming and skincare habits. Or worse yet, by totally ignoring your appearance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the way you look affects how much you earn. So this isn’t just some narcissistic fantasy. If you’re making these men’s grooming mistakes, you’re suffering as a result.

Still, no need to get dramatic. Take a realistic look at your current skincare and grooming habits. Could you step them up? Are you making these mistakes? If so, there’s no time like the present. Correct them and reap the rewards.

1 - Nose Hairs

They stick out like… nose hairs. It’s incredibly distracting to talk to a guy with protruding nose hairs.

Imagine you’re having a high stakes business meeting. The dialogue is getting intense. And then you notice the guy talking has a long hair sticking straight out of his nose. Not a good look for a career-focused professional.

Fortunately, this is an easy faux pas to fix. Each morning when you get ready for work, make a quick nose hair check. Anything showing? Remove those hairs with clippers - or better yet, invest in a tool specifically designed to trim nose hairs. They come with safe attachments that prevent any needless accidents.

2 - Too Much Cologne

Does it get worse than this? You do not want to be the guy at the office stinking things up with too much cologne.

You want a slight hint of a subtle fragrance - not a smell that blows a horn from down the hall announcing your presence.

Having a signature scent can be a good thing - both in personal and professional settings. Using a subtle yet distinctive cologne makes you stand out as a man who takes his appearance and presentation seriously. Just don’t overdo it. Here’s how:

  • If you’re new to wearing cologne, go with a light, fresh scent.
  • Start with one spray to the chest after showering and drying off.
  • Spray your skin, not your clothes.
  • Don’t rub on your cologne or walk into a cloud of it. Neither will get you good results.

3 - Bad Shaving Habits

If you rock a smooth, clean shaven look, you’re no stranger to occasional shave issues. Razor burn and bumps. Itchy redness and painful cuts. All those little imperfections in your shave routine add up to give you a less than ideal appearance. What’s the big deal?

A guy with shave irritation, cuts, and similar issues doesn’t look put together. It gives the impression that you don’t take good care of yourself, that you rush through life, and that you don’t take the little things seriously. Even if none of that is true about you, creating that impression is disaster in the business world.

Not fair? Sure. Some guys are more prone to shave irritation - because of their skin type, their hair texture, and other factors. Regardless, these tips can help reduce your shave issues and look your best everyday:

Wash and Exfoliate First - Use a face wash for men, rinse off, and then exfoliate with face scrub for men before you shave. That leaves you with clean skin, unclogged pores, and softened facial hair.

Use Shave Oil and Shave Cream - A pre-shave oil for men is an essential step for guys with sensitive skin or who frequently experience shave irritation. It creates a slick surface for shaving that prevents most common shaving problems. Apply a natural shave cream for men over the oil for the best results.

pre shave oil for men

Replace Dull Blades - No matter what kind of razor you use, always replace dull blades. They don’t perform as well, can host bacteria, and are more likely to cause shave irritation. Blades are cheap - don’t be stingy with your shave experience.

Aftershave Is a Must - Always follow up with a splash of cool water and an alcohol-free aftershave. You need a soothing product that hydrates your skin and prevents bacteria from causing irritation.

4 - Skin Blemishes and Breakouts

The occasional skin blemish is unavoidable. And some guys struggle more with adult acne than others. No matter what, you can do a lot to prevent breakouts.

First, always start and end your day by washing and hydrating your skin. That means establishing a men’s skincare routine that includes face wash for men and face moisturizer for men.

Face wash eliminates excess oil, bacteria, and other debris that can clog pores and form blemishes. Moisturizer locks in moisture and forms a protective seal over your skin.

men's skincare routine

In addition to that basic routine, exfoliate your skin 3-4 times each week with face scrub for men. That digs the gunk out of your pores - significantly reducing your risk of developing nasty blemishes. And 1-2 times each week, apply a face mask for men. This deep cleans your skin, removes toxins, and eliminates blackheads.

5 - You Ignore Your Skin Type

Effective skincare for men is all about knowing your skin type. For example, guys with oily skin need to control oil production and prevent a shiny complexion. One way to do this is adding face toner for men to your daily routine.

face toner for men

But if you’ve got dry or sensitive skin, it’s totally different. You need to prevent irritation, inflammation, and excessive dryness. That calls for using a gentle face wash for men, avoiding harsh products with alcohol or strong detergents, and hydrating your skin frequently.

6 - Tired Eyes

The harder you work, the harder it can be on your skin. A dull complexion and tired eyes may be signs of staying up late working. But they won’t grant you any advantages while meeting with clients or negotiating a deal. Quite the opposite.

The #1 way to prevent tired eyes is simple - get more sleep. Besides that, use the best eye cream for men to promote circulation, prevent inflammation, and keep the sensitive skin beneath your eyes looking its best. For even better results, use the best anti-aging products for men along with your eye cream.

best anti aging products for men

Look Your Best, Find Success

There’s more to career success than a cutthroat attitude and business savvy. Don’t ignore the power of the best men’s skincare routine and better grooming habits. When you use the tips above to your advantage, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits.

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