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The Top 5 Men's Skin Care Products to Use Daily

The top 5 skin care products men should use daily

The daily grind shouldn’t create wear and tear on your money maker, your face. The Top 5 Men’s Skin Care products below are must haves for any man to use daily in his men’s skin care routine.

1. A Face Wash for Men

A face wash for men is the key to having a bright, clear complexion. Whether you have oily skin, dry/sensitive skin or combo type skin, every man should own a men’s face wash. Using a men’s face wash daily will eradicate oil, sweat,  and facial impurities from building up. The best face wash for men includes not only natural based cleansers such as coconut and charcoal, but also contains moisturizers such as aloe and Vitamin E. You’ll want to use a men’s face wash in the morning and after your day is complete for maximum benefit.

2. A Face Moisturizer for Men

Nothing keeps a face looking energized and firm better than an all purpose, daily face moisturizer for men. The best face moisturizer for men should be oil free and very light weight. It will also have natural ingredients such as aloe to hydrate, jojoba oil to protect the skin, and green tea to provide anti aging effects all day long. Apply a men’s facial lotion each morning after you wash your face, even if you have oily skin (learn how to prevent men's oily skin).

3. A Face Scrub for Men

A men’s face scrub is not only a necessity for a great men’s skin care routine, but also for a men’s shave routine. Exfoliating the face 1 – 2 x a week removes dead skin cell build up which can clog the pores and create impurities. Used before a shave, a men’s face scrub softens the whiskers for a closer, easier shave. Natural scrubbing particles such as jojoba beads and pumice, along with hydrators like aloe and avocado butter make up the best face scrub for men. Use a face scrub for men 1 – 2x a week, preferably before you shave.

4. An Eye Cream for Men

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but they’re also the first part of the skin to start to age in men. Preventing wrinkles and restoring the skin around the eyes, reducing puffiness, and dark circles can be achieved with an eye cream for men. The best eye cream for men helps strengthen the skin’s structural base with ingredients such as protein peptides, reduces fine lines with mega hydrators such as hyaluronic acid, and reduces dark circles & puffiness with natural ingredients loaded with caffeine such as green tea. A men's eye cream should be used each morning to brighten up the eyes and right before bed to help restore the skin as you sleep. 

Need more convincing to use a men's eye cream daily? Read our Top 3 Reasons to Use an Eye Cream for Men article.

5. An Anti Aging Cream for Men

There’s no such thing as men not wanting to look more youthful – everyone would love to look and feel better. A men’s anti aging cream can help do just that by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, restoring skin tone, and firming loose skin. The best anti aging cream for men contains natural ingredients that help boast collagen production and restore skin cell moisture such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and MSM. A men’s anti aging cream should traditionally be used at night before you go to bed (after you’ve washed your face) to work with the restorative process that occurs while you sleep.

Want to learn how to use the above products in a men's skin care routine?

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