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Men: How to Take Care of Your Hair to Maximize Your Hair Style

Men's Hair Style

Besides sharp clothes and good skin, nothing makes a man look better than a great men’s hair style. The two biggest factors that control which men’s hair style a guy should have are his face structure and his hair type. Since you can’t control your face structure, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your hair in a way that suits your hair type, so you can maximize the look of your desired hair style.

Below we’ll show you how to best take care of your hair depending on its type, so your men’s hair style always looks good.

How to Take Care of Thick Hair to Maximize a Man’s Hair Style

If you have thick hair, you already know you’ve been dealt a good hand in life. A guy with thick hair is most likely going to have a full head of hair his whole life, but only if taken care of properly. Thick hair also tends to hold a men’s hair style better than other men’s hair types.

You’ll want to use a men’s shampoo 5 – 6x a week as men with thicker hair are prone to oily build up and other residue accumulating on it. Shampooing will also help it from becoming too thick and unmanageable by removing this residue. We recommend only using a conditioner for men once or twice a week depending on how thick your hair is feeling that week. The thicker it feels, the more you can back off conditioning.

How to Take Care of Curly Hair to Maximize a Man’s Hair Style

Curly hair tends to get more dry and frizzy the shorter it is, so we suggest using a shampoo for men only every other day as it could become more brittle and frizzy if excessively shampooed.  We also recommend this men’s hair type to be conditioned with a men’s conditioner after every shampoo. The more moisturized and conditioned wavy or curly hair is, the more easily tamable it will be for a men’s hair style. Men of African-American background more typically have this type of hair type and men’s hair styles are more limited since curls often are hard to control.

How to Take Care of Thin or Fine Hair to Maximize a Man’s Hair Style

Men with thin or fine hair need to be extra conscious about making sure they take care of it correctly, or down the road they could have a sparse head of hair. We suggest only using a men’s shampoo 3 – 4x a week as washing your hair daily will thin it out even more and make it weaker, and more brittle. You’ll want to make sure to always use a conditioner for men as this will help promote hair growth and also keep the hair strands full and moisturized. The more volumized a hair cell is, the more easily it can be manipulated to give the men’s hair style you’re looking for.

By taking care of your hair according to its type, you’ll put your hair style on a path to truly looking great. For even more comprehensive look at how to take care of your hair, check out our Men's Hair Care Manual.

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