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Body Wash vs. Shampoo - What’s the Difference?

Hand reaching for shampooIf you’re reading this, you care about your skin and hair. You want to look your best - good for you.

But chances are you’re also a little confused and frustrated by the skincare and grooming industry. There are so many options. Face wash and body wash and shampoo and soap bars… Why so many products?

First, no worries. This is a fair question.

Second, it’s good to have options - that just means you're more likely to find the right product for your needs.

Since your scalp, hair, and body all have specific cleansing and hydrating needs, it makes sense that shampoo and body wash have different ingredients. Here are some of the differences and how to choose the right products for you.


Body Wash

Your skin is your largest organ. It's constantly changing. Every day, old skin cells die and are shed. That makes room for new, fresh, bright skin.

Body wash should remove dirt and excess oil from your skin so it can always look its best - but without totally stripping away all oils. It should not be harsh and contain unnecessarily strong antibacterial ingredients like many soaps do. And that's why our Invigorating Body Wash is made with gentle, natural cleansers. 

You want your body wash to create some lather, but not excessively. The detergent ingredients that get all bubbly also bond with oil and water. So if you have a heavy lather product made with synthetic chemicals, chances are it will dry out your skin.



Your hair is not your skin. Obvious perhaps, but it also means you need to treat it differently.

Most soaps can damage hair and irritate your scalp. They strip away the natural oils your hair needs to maintain a healthy shine. Without these oils, your hair just looks limp and dull.

That's why our Daily Strengthening Shampoo doesn't use harsh degreasing ingredients. Rather, it is made with gentle cleansers that remove dirt without leaving your hair overly dry and stripped of natural oils.

This is one way shampoo differs from body wash. It leaves some oil in your hair, allowing for a better texture, look, and feel. If you were to use it on your body, you could be left with an oily, almost slimy feel. No good.


What About Soap Bars?

Just because most soap bars contain harsh ingredients doesn’t make them all bad. A soap bar can still remove grime without stripping away natural oils - if it's made with the right ingredients.

Activated charcoal is one of the best ingredients for ridding your body of dirt while leaving you with a refreshed, clean feeling - which is why it's a main ingredient in our Purifying Charcoal Soap Bar. This is best for men with sensitive or dry skin who still prefer the experience of a traditional soap bar. 

What if you have oily skin and want to get some extra exfoliation as you wash? In that case, our Mint Soap Scrub Bar may be your best bet. Its ground peppermint gently scrubs the rough patches of your skin.

If you want occasional exfoliation but are concerned about irritating or drying out your skin, just alternate between a soap scrub bar and a body wash. You don't have to use the exact same products every time you shower. And the variety can help enhance your skin's texture and appearance.


What About All-in-One Wash?

Yes, treating your hair and body with different cleansers is a smart choice. But some guys don’t have the time. Or, more realistically, the interest. Then there's the occasion when you're traveling or showering at the gym and just want to carry along one product that works for everything. What’s the simple option?

Our All in One Wash was designed for you. It's the best of both worlds - gentle ingredients leave your skin and hair hydrated, but without over-drying your hair or leaving your skin slick and slimy. Balance.


Choose the Right Skincare Products for You

Want to look and feel your best? Choose skincare and grooming products that consistently care for your skin and prevent problems like oil buildup or over-drying.

There’s no need to be confused about the differences between products or which ingredients are best. Armed with the right knowledge, you can make a smart choice about how to cleanse your hair and body.

Not satisfied with your current skincare regimen? Make a change. Remember, it’s good to have options. And when it comes to skincare, you’ve got everything you need to look your best.

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