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Can A Simple Skincare Routine for Men Really Be Effective?

Can A Simple Skincare Routine for Men Really Be Effective?

Wouldn’t it be great if life were simple? You wouldn’t have to navigate a complex and demanding schedule everyday. You wouldn’t have to worry about so many health concerns and safety issues and… It’s not worth dreaming about. Life is complicated.

But an effective skincare routine for men doesn’t have to be. This is at least one area of life where you can keep things simple and still see positive results.

Want clearer, younger looking skin? Start with the basics - this simple routine is all you need.

Wash Your Face Twice Daily

This is the #1, no way around it, must do element of your simple yet effective routine. Use a natural face wash for men twice each day to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and other debris that clogs pores and dulls your skin’s appearance.

natural face wash for men

Choose a product with gentle cleansers and nourishing ingredients that won’t strip the natural oils out of your skin. Coconut based cleaners, olive oil, aloe, geranium, and activated charcoal are some good examples.

You need to wash your face in the morning and in the evening before bed for the best results. Use warm water and pat your face dry - don’t rub it aggressively.

Moisturize Twice Daily After Washing

Another critical step, you must use face moisturizer for men after washing your face if you want the best results. Moisturizer locks in hydration so that your skin doesn’t get dried out, loose, or dull over the course of the day.

face moisturizer for men

One of the major causes of the aging process is skin dehydration. Dehydrated skin is more likely to wrinkle. And dehydrated skin shows off the wrinkles you already have much more predominantly than it would if you had moisturized like you should have.

Again, do this twice daily. Choose an oil-free face moisturizer for men that won’t clog up your pores or leave behind a thick layer of grease. A lightweight, fast-absorbing formula is your best bet.

Look for a product with natural, hydrating ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba.

Exfoliate a Few Times Each Week

Use a face scrub for men to exfoliate your skin 3-4 times each week. If you have oily skin, you should exfoliate more often. Guys with dry or sensitive skin should exfoliate less often and avoid the driest parts of their face.

face scrub for men

Face scrub offers a deeper clean that your daily face wash. It’s designed to dig into your pores and get rid of the clogging material that leads to blemishes.

Exfoliate after washing your face but before applying moisturizer. This is also a great pre-shave step if you tend to get redness, itching, or general post-shave irritation.

You want a natural face scrub for men with avocado butter, aloe, jojoba beads, and similar ingredients that treat your skin well without causing needless irritation.

Make It a Routine

Struggle with maintaining a good routine? Habit forming is a skill that some guys just don’t seem to have. Here are some ways to make this simple skincare routine a regular part of your day.

Set an alarm. Do you always leave the house at the same time each day? Set an alarm before you go to remind yourself to wash your face and moisturize.

Leave yourself a note. Put a sticky note reminder on the bathroom door, on the front door, or somewhere else you can’t miss before leaving the house.

Put your skincare products out where you can see them. If you have the counter space in the bathroom, leave your skincare products out. That creates an easy visual reminder to use them each morning and evening.

Remember, a simple skincare routine for men can still be very effective. Just be sure you stick to it and use the best products available.

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