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How Do Dandruff Shampoos Work?

How Do Dandruff Shampoos Work?

You care about your grooming routine. You take good care of your hair. So why are you still struggling with dandruff? What gives?

Dandruff is one of the most common - and most frustrating - grooming problems guys have to deal with. It can seem like nothing works to rid your hair of the pesky flakes.

But what is the cause of dandruff? And how do dandruff shampoos for men work? What’s the best way to get results from your shampoo and finally rid yourself of dandruff?

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by the excessive buildup of a yeast-like fungus around your hair follicles. That fungus - called Malassezia globosa - is common. It’s on everyone’s head. But it doesn’t always cause dandruff. Why not?

The problems start when fungal growth becomes excessive. This fungus feeds off of sebum, your skin’s natural oil. It’s the same oil your scalp secretes to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

But when you get too much sebum - and too many fungi feeding on the sebum - you get dandruff.

Some of the byproducts that these fungal friends excrete can irritate your scalp. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but to people sensitive to it this causes dryness, itch, and that telltale flaking you associate with dandruff.

How Does Dandruff Shampoo Work?

The best dandruff shampoo for men reduces sebum and gets fungal growth under control. Keep in mind that dandruff is not a condition that can be cured. Rather the goal is to manage the issue and eliminate flaking.

Some dandruff shampoos are made with harsh ingredients like selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione. They work by making your skin cells die and shed less quickly. But there’s a more natural way to go.

The best dandruff shampoo for men contains tea tree oil to help control dandruff. Since tea tree oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it can effectively limit the growth of dandruff-causing fungus on your scalp.

best dandruff shampoo for men

How to Get the Best Results

To get the best results from your shampoo for men, use it regularly. Harsh shampoos aren’t good to use daily because they dry out your skin, potentially making your dandruff even worse. But the best dandruff shampoo for men with soothing, gentle ingredients can be used daily without concern.

When you apply your shampoo, massage it lightly through your hair and onto your scalp. Direct contact with your scalp is important.

While some harsh dandruff shampoos must be left on your scalp for several minutes, you don’t have to do that with a natural shampoo with tea tree oil. However, you must totally rinse it out of your hair when done. Shampoo residue can make dandruff worse since the yeast-like fungus feeds on that too.

Other Dandruff Causes

Besides excessive fungal growth, stress can also be a major contributing factor to a dandruff problem. Stress is all-around bad for you - for your health, your skin, and your hair. So if you’re going through a rough time, take a few minutes out of each day to de-stress and relax. You can do this by listening to music, taking a walk, doing yoga, or doing breathing exercises. Whatever works for you is worth spending a few minutes on.

One common myth is that changes in the weather cause dandruff. They don’t cause it directly - but they can aggravate a problem you already have, especially if you go from a humid climate to an arid climate.

Better Shampoo, Better Results

If you want to eliminate dandruff, the best shampoo for men. Use it daily along with hair conditioner for men a few times each week. Avoid products with harsh ingredients. With time and a little patience, you’ll be sure to reduce dandruff and enjoy a more confident appearance.

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