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How to Change Your Hair Style to Deal with Hair Loss

How to Change Your Hair Style to Deal with Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major struggle for millions of guys. It can feel like something fundamental about yourself as a person is changing. When you look in the mirror and see the effects of hair loss, it’s not always easy to deal with.

In an effort to keep looking their best, many guys seek out ways to change their hair styles. They think that maybe there’s a magic way to create an optical illusion of more hair than they have.

If you want to look your best despite hair loss, the first step is acceptance. You won’t ever look exactly like you did before the process began… but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Years of experience have made you older yes, but also wiser and more successful. Embrace the reality of your situation - the good and the bad.

Once you’ve done that, consider changing your hair style to deal better with hair loss. These tips can help.

When Hair Loss First Starts

Many guys first notice hair loss as a receding hair line. This can happen even if you have thick hair. But it’s most noticeable in men who already have a V-shaped hairline. The more dramatic the V, the more pronounced your hair loss will appear.

At the early phases of hair loss, a bit of length (and maybe the genetic help of a natural wave) can help minimize the appearance of hair loss. If you don’t have wavy hair on your own, use a wax pomade for men to texturize and style your hair.

Build Volume

Most of the hair style adjustments you can make are designed to create more volume. It’s easier to do if you have thicker hair, but even guys with thin hair can achieve this look.

What if your hair is thinning around your temples and receding back? Growing the hair behind that area a bit longer and pushing it forward can create more coverage without looking like a combover. A tousled look is best - it gives your style more volume. It’s a messier style, but can still be done in a professional way that won’t make you look too disheveled.

If you want to build hair volume, it’s critical that you use the best hair care products for men with thinning hair. Use shampoo for men with thickening ingredients - like hydrolyzed wheat protein - that plump hair strands and promote growth. Most shampoos are made with surfactants and sulfates that are harsh and dehydrating. Avoid those for the best results.

best hair care products for men

Hair conditioner for men should be part of your hair care routine as well. It soothes and hydrates your scalp and hair. That helps keep the hair you still have looking its best.

Beware of Too Much Length

Growing your hair out can help with volume, but it can quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. That’s because long hair is heavy and harder to shape. It resists your styling efforts and can get all out of place far too easily.

When that happens, the thinning spots you are trying to cover up may stand out even worse. Every guy’s hair is different, so experiment with the right length for you.

Buzz Cut

Many men reach a point in their hair loss when shaving it off is the best solution. A buzz cut gives you a clean look that embraces the reality of hair loss without any of the unfortunate looks that come with combovers.

This is a common reaction to hair loss because it works. Instead of stressing about patchy spots or desperately hoping your hair stays in place, you can take pride in your appearance and get back to being a successful man.

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