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Is A Daily Skincare Routine for Men Worth It?

Skincare routine for men

Why don’t more guys take care of their skin? The top two excuses are “I don’t have time for that” and “I’ll spend my money on something else”.

For most guys - even those that are now committed to their skincare routines - these ideas have at least crossed their minds. But in reality, what costs more - following a men’s skincare routine or ignoring it entirely?

You’re a smart guy who wants to make a calculated decision about his appearance and finances. So instead of making rash, emotional judgements about skincare for men, get the facts first.


The Value of Looking Your Best

It’s undeniable if unfair -  attractive people earn more money. According to the Wall Street Journal, you could earn up to $230,000 more over the course of your career just because you’re better looking than your co-workers and competitors.

But there’s an important fact here you shouldn’t ignore: good looks are not all genetic. Don’t expect to look your best - and reap the documented financial rewards - without putting some effort into it. The small amount of money you spend on a daily skincare routine for men is nothing compared to those big earnings you could see over a lifetime.

For example, say you have a high stakes job interview for a position that could totally change your career. You could go into it knowing you’ve been taking care of your skin for years, with the confidence and poise that your appearance is just another one of your many assets. Or you could stress about how dry, oily, or aged your skin looks compared to the other guys waiting or their interviews and desperately wish there was something you could do about it now.

The choice is yours. And it’s an easy one.


Ignoring Skincare Is Expensive

What if you decide that following a skincare routine is unnecessary? You won’t get the protective benefits of face moisturizer for men. That means your skin will develop wrinkles sooner. If you spend lots of time in the sun but don’t use a face moisturizer for men with SPF, it could be much more serious. Years of unprotected sun exposure dramatically increase your risk of developing life threatening skin cancer.

Imagine you never worry about your skin - until you suddenly realize that you’ve aged faster than your peers and need to do something about it urgently. Then, you’re looking at spending thousands on skin treatments that are expensive, potentially painful, and accompanied by unpleasant side effects.

The smart choice would be to start a daily skincare routine for men now. It doesn’t have to be expensive - our basic skincare routines that include face wash and moisturizer only need to be replenished about every 2 months.


What About All That Time?

Think of all the ways you misuse time throughout the day. Unless you are hyper-efficient at everything, chances are there are better ways to spend at least some of your time.

Now imagine taking just 5 minutes of that wasted time each day and funneling it towards something that will have long term, positive effects for you. Why wouldn’t you start immediately?

That’s exactly what happens when you invest 5 minutes each day towards skincare. Each morning, use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men. They take about 1 minute each. Then repeat the process in the evening. That tiny amount of time can build into significant results - clear, healthy skin with fewer wrinkles and a brighter complexion - if you stick to your routine.


The Winner: Daily Skincare

No doubt about it, a daily skincare routine for men is the smart choice to make. Don’t ignore something as important as your skin and appearance. With just a few minutes each day, you can make sure you look your very best.

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