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Men’s Skin Types: Normal Skin

Men’s Skin Types: Normal Skin

What is normal? Plain. Vanilla. Boring. Maybe that’s what you think of. But when it comes to skincare for men, normal is fantastic.

Across the span of several in-depth posts, we’ve outlined the differences between each men’s skin type: sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, and aged skin. Now it’s time to focus on what might seem the most obvious of all: normal skin.

How can you tell if you fall into the normal skin type category? And what should you keep in mind when purchasing skincare products and using them

What Is Normal Skin?

Normal skin is not too oily, not too dry. It’s juuuuust right.

If you have normal skin, you produce enough natural skin oil to stay hydrated without your skin getting greasy or shiny. Your skin is elastic and firm without feeling tight or dry. Your skin tone is even and clear. While you might have a wrinkle or two starting to form, your skin’s natural elasticity is still holding and preventing an aged appearance.

How to Treat Normal Skin

Here’s where most guys with normal skin make a huge mistake. They think that they can use any old product on their normal skin and come out looking and feeling great. Unfortunately, it’s just not true.

Normal skin is naturally balanced - properly moisturized without being too oily. But that can change quickly depending on what you expose your skin to all day. Sun, sweat, wind, and dirt affect your face during the course of the day. If you get complacent, those factors will lead to breakouts, uneven skin tone, and irreversible skin damage.

Don’t take your skin for granted. You might not need some massive or complicated skincare regimen. But a smart and simple skincare for men routine is essential.

Wash - Use a gentle face wash for men each morning and evening. This will remove dirt, excess oil, and other debris that clogs pores.

Exfoliate - Two to three times weekly, use face scrub for men to remove dead skin, brighten your complexion, and prevent breakouts.

Moisturize - Follow up with the best natural face moisturizer for men. It will keep your skin moisturized all day or night, preventing excessive oil and fighting dehydration.

simple skincare routine for men

Beware of a Bad Shave

Guys with normal skin don’t have to worry about irritation from their grooming products like men with sensitive skin do. But when you shave, that all changes. Cutting away hairs close to your face leaves you at risk for razor bumps, redness, and itchiness - even if you have normal skin. Here’s how to combat it:

Face Scrub - Start your irritation-free approach pre-shave with the best face scrub for men. This will lift your hairs up and away from the skin for a closer shave with no tugging or yanking.

Shave Cream - That’s cream, not foam. A natural shave cream for men that goes on thick like lotion is ideal. It creates a far better barrier between your razor and your skin than a thin foam ever could. Let it soak in a bit before you start shaving for the best results.

Fresh Razor - Don’t try to squeeze extra life out of a dull razor. Even guys with normal skin need to accept that disposables only last a few uses. Upgrade to a safety razor for better results. And rinse off your blade after each stroke to prevent irritation.

Aftershave - Still got some alcohol or menthol based aftershave in your medicine cabinet? Do yourself a huge favor: toss it. Alcohol and menthol dry out your skin, irritate your recently shaved face, and are generally a terrible idea. Stick to an alcohol-free aftershave that soothes and hydrates instead.

best shave routine for men

Enjoy Those Great Genetics

If you have normal skin, you don’t have to worry about dryness or irritation like other guys do. But that doesn’t mean you should just ignore skincare entirely.

Stick to a smart skincare for men routine that keeps your skin clean, bright, and hydrated. As you age, your skin will stay looking its best and resist wrinkles and fine lines. Enjoy those great genetics, guys!

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