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The Best Ways to Style Long Men’s Hair

Man with long hair

More guys are rocking longer hairstyles than ever before. But with a new look comes novel methods of styling and maintenance - and if you’re new to the long hair trend, you may not know how to keep it up. 

Here are the long hair styling tips that you need to know.


1. Ponytail 

Looking for something low-maintenance and easy to pull off? Try a classic ponytail. There are lots of possible variations here, including: 

  • A low ponytail placed around the nape of your neck 
  • A half up, half down style 
  • A straight back, slicker style
  • A messier look with a few strands of hair out around your face 

Your best bet is to experiment until you find the look that works best for you. Don't be shy to ask for feedback from those around you! Try a texturizing sea salt spray to add volume and get rid of pesky fly-aways and frizz. 


2. Textured Waves 

Prefer something more au natural and unrestricted? If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, go for textured waves.

This works best for guys that have layered cuts and with hair types that offer some natural movement and bounce. So it probably won't be the best look if your hair doesn't fall into those categories. '

Although this style may appear more unkempt, it will require some styling tools to look its best. Try this:

  • Finish by backcombing your hair or applying some texturizing spray for volume and stay-all-day style.


3. Slicked-Back Style 

If you’re looking for a more low-maintenance, high-fashion option, consider a slick back style. This look is ideal for men with medium to long hair, and it can work whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight. However, if you have greasy hair, make sure to address it before you try this style.

If you have straight hair, try a high-shine look. Get it by raking your fingers through clean hair using a gel pomade.

For wavy or curly hair, focus your styling efforts on the front section of your hair and let the rest of your curls run free. 


4. Straight and Long 

Do you have pin-straight hair? If so, a straight and long style with a defined part could be an ideal look for you. 

To make this work, start by using a fine-toothed comb to draw a sharp part at your location of choice (for some, a center part looks great, while others might find a side part more flattering). From there, let your naturally straight hair air dry (hair spray can help if frizz is an issue). 

Another option? Add more volume or texture by applying some texturing sea salt spray to your roots for added lift. 


5. Bun It Up 

Ahh yes, the man bun. Just like with the ponytail, there are a lot of options here. And it's definitely the most notorious style on this list. 

The pros? This is a trendy and flattering style (regardless of your hairstyle or face shape) that can be customized to work for you. 

Here are some tips for getting it right: 

  • Start with a placement below the crown of the head and adjust according to your face shape and what you think looks best
  • Start with a looser style - you can always go slicker and tighter if it works for your face shape
  • Loosen it up with the end of a comb if your bun ends up looking too tight 
  • Add some texturizing spray to enhance the style
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