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What Are the Benefits of a Sea Salt Spray for Men?

What Are the Benefits of a Sea Salt Spray for Men?

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to hair products. From sprays and gels to pomades and waxes, it can be hard to decide what’s best. One hair styling product that’s recently become more popular with many guys is sea salt spray.

Should you try a sea salt spray for men? What benefits does it offer? And how should you use it to get the best results?

What Is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray is a lightweight, texturizing spray that uses its namesake ingredient to give you a “just got back from the beach” look. It adds volume and reduces oil. Since this is a lightweight spray product, it doesn’t weigh down your hair or give you a greasy look.

Not all sea salt sprays are made with the same ingredients. Two that contribute to healthy, texturized hair (besides the obvious sea salt) are vitamin E and hydrolyzed proteins. These promote hair growth, help with moisture retention, and eliminate antioxidants.

Avoid any products that contain alcohol - it’s an unnecessary filler ingredient that will dry out your hair and scalp.

What Are the Benefits of Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray adds texture and body to your hair. If you’ve got naturally thin hair, you’ll get more volume and be able to style your hair in ways you normally couldn’t. For guys with thicker hair, sea salt spray for men texturizes and improves the look of your hair.

Do you have a natural wave or curl to your hair? Sea salt spray will reinforce it while also reducing frizziness. It’s the same look you might get after a long day of surfing.

sea salt spray for men

Unlike some gels and pomades, sea salt spray doesn’t add any weight or shine to your hair. No one will even guess you added product to your hair.

If you generally have flat or dull hair, sea salt spray for men is a great choice for you. It helps your scalp retain moisture while also reducing and absorbing excess hair oil. But don’t worry - it won’t get hard or sticky later in the day like some hair products do.

How to Use Sea Salt Spray

You can use your sea salt spray for men on dry or damp hair. Use enough product to be able to work it evenly all throughout your hair - usually about 5-10 sprays depending on your hair length and texture. Spray it at the roots of your hair to get the best results.

sea salt spray for men

Spread the spray all around your hair with your hands. Then, style it as desired.

Use this product in moderation. There’s no need to overdo things and fully wet your hair with it. A little goes a long way; you’ll still get the texturizing effect without using a ton of spray.

You can add a styling clay pomade if you want a little more hold to keep your hairstyle in place all day but are still going for a matte finish.

styling clay pomade

To add hold with a little bit of shine, go with a gel pomade for men. Combining different types of pomade with your salt spray can yield unique results, so experiment to find the look that’s perfect for you. Creating your personal hair style is a process and may require some trial and error.

gel pomade for men

Sea salt spray for men is a great addition to your personal hair collection. Try varying amounts of spray, mix and match the spray with other products, and make other small adaptations to find the right look for you. And make sure you’re using your sea salt spray as part of a natural hair care routine for men. That way your hair will stay strong and healthy everyday.

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