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What Happens If You Never Use Face Moisturizer?

What Happens If You Never Use Face Moisturizer?

Using face moisturizer daily is one of the key building blocks of a good skincare routine. The best face moisturizer for men locks in moisture, prevents dehydration, and eliminates the dryness that can speed up the aging process.

But many guys are initially resistant to the idea of using moisturizer daily. They may think, "Do I really need this?" Or they say, "My skin is fine without it."

What really happens to your skin if you never use moisturizer? What are the long term benefits of following a skincare routine for men?

Dehydrated Skin Reveals All

When you use moisturizer daily, your skin stays full and hydrated. Its plump, smooth texture diminishes the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles that may just be starting to show up.

But without moisturizer, your skin reveals all. The lack of additional hydration causes fine lines and wrinkles to stand out, making them more pronounced and visible.

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Your Skin's Natural Barrier Becomes Compromised

Your skin is great at keeping out pollutants, bacteria, and other foreign substances that could cause harm. But if your skin becomes dehydrated, that natural barrier is weakened. The result? More breakouts, faster aging, and increased sensitivity. Plus blotchiness and redness. Basically, everything you don't want.

Using face moisturizer for men each day - morning and evening - protects your skin throughout the day. It boosts the effect of your skin's natural barrier, preventing unnecessary damage and breakouts.

Oily Skin Gets Worse

Some guys think that if they have oily skin, they shouldn't use moisturizer. But that idea is built on a false premise. To set the record straight: no, moisturizer does not make your oily skin worse. And no, moisturizer does not cause your breakouts. As long as you're using an oil-free face moisturizer for men, it will help control oil and improve your skin. How?

For one, guys with oily skin tend to wash their faces. A lot. Too much. That's hard on your skin - especially if you're using a harsh soap. But even a gentle face wash removes some natural oil and hydration as part of the cleansing process.

To restore your natural hydration levels and prevent your oily skin from going into high production, use a face moisturizer for men. As a result, you'll get smoother skin, less irritation, and fewer breakouts.

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Benefits of Using Moisturizer

Clearly, your skin will suffer if you choose not to keep it moisturized. And since this simple skincare step only takes about a minute each morning and evening, why skip it? After washing your face, using moisturizer is a critical step in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Here are just a few of its key benefits:

  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by plumping skin with maximum hydration.
  • Restores hyaluronic acid to the skin, a naturally occurring substance that is produced less and less as you get older.
  • Soothes skin after using face wash, scrub, or toner to reduce and control oil.
  • If using an SPF face moisturizer for men, you get the added bonus of protection from the sun's damaging UV rays.

To get the best results, make sure you're using a natural face moisturizer for men made with safe, gentle ingredients. Our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer has been praised by leading experts and by thousands of guys around the world because it gets results using natural and organic ingredients - like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba.

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