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Why Use a Face Scrub for Men?

Why Use a Face Scrub for Men?

Face scrub is one of the best products you can use in your arsenal of weapons for clear, healthy skin. We’ve discovered, however, that most men either overuse a face scrub or they don’t use one at all.

Both scenarios are not best case. Read on to learn how using a face scrub for men properly can propel you to clearer, brighter skin.


What Does Face Scrub Do for Your Skin?

The point of using face scrub (also called an exfoliator) is to remove dead skin cells that build up on your face and clog your pores. Your skin cells turnover about every two weeks, meaning your face has new skin cells every two weeks. Your face doesn’t shed the dead skin cells very well and over time, so as you age the dead skin cell build up can cause your face to look dull.

The solution? Use face scrub to clear away the build up and show off a polished face.

Not only is exfoliating good for the skin, it also makes shaving much smoother. Applying face scrub to your face before you shave softens up your whiskers and raises facial hair up off your skin. That allows the blade slide smoothly and safely across them. 

As great as the benefits are of using a scrub, you won't enjoy them if you're using it wrong. Over scrubbing your face can make it dull, dry, and irritated. And you'll run into trouble if you use a low quality product with harsh ingredients too.

Our Renewing Face Scrub is designed to effectively exfoliate men's thicker skin without causing irritation. Its scrubbing particles are made from jojoba beads and pumice - not abrasive fruit pits or plastic micro-beads. It doesn't just remove dead skin cells - it also restores moisture with aloe vera, avocado butter, and vitamin E.

Renewing Face Scrub 

Even when you're using the right product, you need to use it the right way and with the proper frequency. The way you determine that all depends on your skin type. (If you don't know your skin type, this handy guide will help.


Normal, Oily, and Combination Skin Types

If you have normal, oily, or combo type skin, you have the luxury of being able to exfoliate one to three times a week - and without negative consequence.

For guys with oily skin, face scrub can help prevent oil from building up in your pores. However, don’t overdo it or you could end up with irritated skin (never a good look).


Sensitive, Dry, and Acne Prone Skin

If you have dry, sensitive, or acne prone skin, we recommend you only exfoliate once a week. On the day you use scrub, take it easy on your skin. You might be able to skip using face wash that day. And be sure to follow up with face moisturizer.


How to Work a Face Scrub into Your Skincare Routine

Just like when you wash your face, rinse your face with warm water to open up the pores before you use our Renewing Face Scrub. Apply a dime sized amount to your skin and gently rub it, especially over the areas where your pores are most visible (usually your nose and forehead).

Remember to take it easy on the delicate skin on your face. It doesn’t take much to exfoliate it, so don’t scrub too hard.

If you're going to shave after using scrub, concentrate on the areas of your face you plan on shaving.

After you’re done, rinse your face with cool water to reduce the appearance of the pores and prevent any oil or impurities from getting back into them. Pat (don't rub) your face dry gently with a towel.

Renewing Face Scrub


All Things in Moderation

Exfoliating is great for your skin. It will keep your pores clean, reduce the risk of breakouts, and improve your shaves. But don't forget the old adage: keep everything in moderation. It's true when it comes to using face scrub, and it just might be your personal secret to better skin

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