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3 Ways to Prevent Chafing for Men

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Thigh chafing is bad news. It happens when there’s constant friction between your thighs and your man parts. Add sweat to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. All that rubbing leaves your skin raw and irritated.

That's also the reason why you have underwear chafing in the groin area. It itches. It burns. It’s miserable.

The best way to prevent chafing for men is to minimize friction and moisture. This can be easier said than done - depending on what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, and what the weather is like. But you can effectively cut down on moisture, keep your crotch fresh and dry, and reduce the risk that you’ll wind up with a nasty case of chafing. Read more to know how to stop chafing between thighs for guys.


1 - Body Powder to Stay Dry

If you know you’re going to be wearing clothing or participating in activities that often lead to thigh chafing, try a body powder to prevent chafing for men. Here are a few ways to choose the best one for you:

  • Avoid talc. Talc powder has been associated with a variety of health concerns, including certain kinds of cancer. If you want to prevent chafing the right way, follow the rule of “better safe than sorry.” You can get the same results from safe, talc-free body powder for men.
  • Find a relieving formula. The best body powder for men includes relieving ingredients that moisturize and protect your skin from damage. They go above and beyond just keeping you dry. Look for ingredients such as aloe vera and provitamin B5.
  • Choose gentle ingredients. You’re going to apply this thigh chafing powder to some of your most sensitive parts. So be sure it’s made with gentle ingredients - nothing harsh or irritating.

Say goodbye to men's inner thigh chafing with our Stay Fresh Body Powder. Leveraging three naturally powerful ingredients - Corn Starch, Provitamin B5, and Aloe Vera - it acts as a cool buffer between your skin and the harsh realities of everyday life. Best of all? It's completely talc-free!


2 - Hydrating Cream to Moisturize Your Skin

You want to cut down on irritation, friction, and moisture. But you still want your skin to be well moisturized. That will reduce the risk of irritation and thigh chafing in men.

What’s the best way to do that? Apply body lotion for men to your thighs and inner leg - anywhere you feel your thighs rubbing frequently. The best time to do this is right after taking a shower. Dry off, then apply body lotion for men.

As with your body powder, choose a formula with gentle ingredients. A fast absorbing, oil-free cream is best.

Thigh chafing is uncomfortable, unsanitary, and downright unnecessary if you know how to moisturize well. We created this Deep Moisture Body Lotion to provide skin with deep hydration while also delivering the benefits of shea butter, vitamin E, and other natural ingredients. A go-to if you want to avoid thigh chafing - or really any kind of skin dryness or discomfort.


3 - A Gentle Cleanser to Clean Affected Areas

When it comes to preventing thigh chafing in men, not everyone's routine will look the same. It's important to consider your skin type before settling on any one product; those with sensitive skin are best off using a mild product then patting it dry with a clean towel.


All in One Wash

Made for all hair and skin types, this All In One Wash combines the power of bamboo with charcoal to deliver an exceptionally-exfoliating clean.


Invigorating Body Wash

Brickell's Invigorating Body Wash cleans the skin of pesky dirt, oil, and sweat while preserving its natural moisture.


What Is Chafing?

Chaffing is another word to describe friction burns on thighs. This irritation and discomfort happens when the skin experiences repeated friction against itself or against clothing. As for what causes chafing, the reasons behind it can vary from intense exercise with ill-fitting clothes to excess skin and hot weather.

Chafing from underwear is nothing new - men have unfortunately been dealing with it for as long as underwear has been a thing. But there are things you can do to minimize the irritation from your inner thighs rubbing, along with strategies for the groin, underarms, nipples, feet, and neck areas too.


How to Treat Chafing in Groin Area for Male

Do you know what helps with chafing? Moisture and hydration. Moisture and hydration help keep dryness in check while reducing the friction that can cause chafing.

Looking for a product suggestion to get started with?

With our Deep Moisture Body Lotion for men chafing is no more. It's specifically designed to reduce irritation and improve how your skin feels here and now. Gently cleanse the affected area on a consistent basis, taking care to dry the skin properly afterwards.

Applying cornstarch or our Stay Fresh Body Powder to absorb moisture along with wearing loose-fitting and breathable undergarments, can also help combat your underwear chafe long-term.


Is Shaving Better or Worse for Chafing?

While learning what to use for chafing, it's equally important to understand what products and activities to avoid. Shaving is just one example. It can make thigh chafing worse by causing skin inflammation and razor bumps.

Of course, we're not going to tell you to stop shaving altogether - landscapes need to be maintained. But we do suggest investing in a quality aftershave that will reduce the after effects this necessity causes. Brickell's Instant Relief Men's Aftershave is an excellent product to consider.


Other Tips to Prevent Chafing for Men

Although we've gone through the basics of how to get rid of chafing, preventing chafing thighs altogether presents a whole other challenge. Read below to learn how organic products like Brickell's can help you mitigate it long-term.


Add a Protective Barrier to Your Skin

Thigh chafing is much easier to prevent when your skin has a layer of defense against abrasive forces. Our Clearing Scar Cream can serve as just that, working hard to protect even the most sensitive tissues from irritation. A mix of powerful organic ingredients make it as good for your skin as it is effective.


Use Deodorant on Sweaty Areas

Friction from the thighs rubbing is the most common cause of chafing - but it isn't alone. Chafing in men is also known to develop in other high-friction and sweaty areas, such as the underarms. We designed this Natural Deodorant for Men to provide you with a clean, simple, and effective way of keeping sweat and bacteria at bay. Free from harsh chemicals, you can consider it a trusty companion in the fight against body odor.


Upgrade Your Underwear

Most guys are wearing standard cotton underwear. It’s soft and comfortable. It’s a classic. But it’s no good if you’re constantly dealing with underwear chafing.

That’s because cotton - while breathable - doesn’t dry especially fast. So if you get all hot and sweaty and your underwear gets damp, it’s going to stay that way all day. No fun.

Prevent chafing from underwear by upgrading to sweat wicking ones made with performance fabrics. Unlike cotton, these fabrics don’t soak up sweat. They draw moisture away from your skin. And they save you from walking around all day in damp, swampy underpants.


Avoid Tight Clothing

The fit of your underwear also affects chafing prevention. Longer, looser underwear is more likely to bunch up and irritate your skin - especially if you’re working out or otherwise in constant movement.

Tighter fitting boxer briefs may help. Since the fabric is longer and hugs your thighs, it helps prevent the friction from rubbing thighs. But form fitting, performance fabrics won’t bunch up.

Still, the most benefit will come from upgrading the fabric of your underwear. The fit is less critical. Focus on a length and cut that makes you comfortable.


Know How to Stop Chafing Stay Comfortable

The burn, itch, and misery of chafing can be prevented. Think about what you’re wearing. Use the best body powder for men to maintain dryness. And take care of your skin with a natural body lotion for men. These tips will help you stay comfortable, no matter how swampy the weather gets.

Taking the time to learn how to prevent chafing, as well as what helps chafing in men, is an important first step in minimizing the discomfort you feel downstairs. However, there are times when tips won't be enough to solve the problem. We highly recommend visiting a doctor if your condition worsens, or if you experience severe symptoms like muscle pain, bleeding, swelling or signs of a secondary skin infection. For most cases though, Brickell will be all you need.

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